A Neutral Color Palette Bathroom

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Homeowners tend to use neutral-toned rooms because they remain in style and they are easy to decorate. Whether it is your bedroom or bathroom, we understand why homeowners shift their focus towards a neutral color palette. To help you master this look in your bathroom, we have came up with ten neutral color palette ideas for you to use. Let’s take a look! 


A Neutral Color Palette Bathroom:

  1. Warm It Up.

A classic neutral toned color palette contains warm colors. From burnt oranges to beiges, your bathroom can become a cozy paradise. These warm hues will help to make your bathroom more comfortable and relaxing. Just add a couple of candles and you will never want to leave this paradise. 

  1. Keep It Classic

A fan favorite has always been the classic black-and-white color scheme. Luckily, these colors will never go out of style; therefore, you are guaranteed to have an in-style bathroom. Plus, these simple colors help to create clean lines and make the room appear well-kept. 

  1. Texturized.

In recent years, homeowners have begun to incorporate texturized backsplashes into their bathrooms. Texturized backsplashes help to add style and uniqueness into a space. This intriguing piece will add personality into any bathroom. 

  1. Wooden Touches

Embrace nature’s favorite neutral: wood. Wood can be the perfect accent piece in any neutral toned bathroom. Be sure to ask our sales associates about our flooring that looks like wood, but works inside of a bathroom! 

  1. Industrial Vibes.  

Trend Alert: White Subway Tiles. Embrace this trend by creating a beautiful and clean white backsplash with subway tiles.

  1. Chic Counters.

The chic looks do not stop there! Spruce up your countertops with a marble-finish. Plus, with budget-friendly options available, you can have the look of marble without paying for marble. 

  1. Play Off Patterns

Using only neutrals does not mean that your bathroom needs to be boring. You can instantly spice things up by using patterned wallpaper. Patterned wallpaper helps to bring life back into the space without taking away from the room’s design. 

  1. Neutralized Color

If you are a fan of color, you can still have the fun of color with a neutralized color. For example, you can use the color blue within your room, but make sure that you tone it down into a neutral-tone of blue. If you need assistance, ask your local paint store representative to help you find neutral-toned colors. 

  1. Metallic Accents.

We love metallic accent pieces and now is the time to embrace this elegant look. Try incorporating metallic pieces into your bathroom’s hardware. You will see that metallic reflects beautifully off of a neutral color palette. 

  1. Chill Out

If your heart is not set on a warm-tone color palette, you could always try a cool-toned palette. Grays and whites will help to make up your cool neutral palette. Just be sure to add pops of muted color like blue (neutralized color) to help tie together the space. 


Are you interested in learning more about neutral backsplashes and flooring options for your bathroom? We would love to assist you in the selection process! Contact us today or visit our showroom!

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