Add Drama to your Home Interiors

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People notice lighting when they walk into a room; it creates the ambiance of the space. Lighting doesn’t have to be complicated or excessive to be noticeable and dramatic. In fact, simple lighting choices can go a long way in home decor, if they are done right.

1. Start by thinking outside of the box. Add unique light fixtures to normally utilitarian rooms.

2. Hang a pendant light above your kitchen sink or bar; place a lamp in your bathroom, as the main source of light, to soften the feel of the room.

3. Add character to bedrooms by scaling down the number of basic light fixtures there are, and adding one unique fixture.

4. A dining room can be transformed into a place of wonder with the simple addition of a hanging light or chandelier above the table.

Decor can be fun and whimsical when lighting is used artistically. Even simple-but-well-placed fixtures can make a dramatic difference in both how the room looks and feels.

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