Carpet Style 101

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Shopping for carpet can be difficult and with phrases like pulling, loop, and cable, it can be down right confusing.  But thanks to Mohawk Flooring we have a guide that will teach you all the carpet lingo you need to know before purchasing a carpet.

Plush or velvet carpets are soft, smooth and elegant. They are perfect for formal areas, but show every footprint.

Saxonys are similar but not quite as smooth, so if footprints are a concern but you crave a traditional look, try one.

Loop carpets, where the fibers make a continuous uncut surface that many think of as Berber, will resist crushing and matting.

Cut and loop carpets combine the cut pile of a cable or plush with uncut lops to create interesting patterns.

Large, nubby yarns that lend luxury to a casual setting characterize Cable carpets.

Friezes are less full than shag, are contemporary and resist wear and footprints while Shags take height up with a variety of thickness and textures for comfortable – and trendy – design.

If you need more help selecting a carpet, contact a consultant at Ambassador Floor Company in Chesterfield, MO. to help. We will answer any questions you have about carpet style, make, and quality.

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