Painted Floors: The Only Limitation is Your Imagination

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Walls, ceilings and furniture all get painted, why not floors? With a little imagination that drab worn planking can be turned into something exciting and fun!

The easiest option is to choose a solid color like white or beige. But don’t be afraid to go with a bold look like black or red. These colors add a dramatic flair to any room.

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Feeling a bit artistic? Try a checkerboard, plaid or diamond pattern. These designs are a bit more labor intensive, but with a steady hand and patience you’ll have a floor that is truly a work of art.

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Don’t limit painted floors to just living rooms or bedrooms. In rooms that hold moisture, consider using marine grade paint and on stairs and porches always go with a paint that contains texture for safety.

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Alluring Dark Bathroom Countertops

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Do you have a moody bathroom? Many homeowners have a fear that dark bathrooms are dreary and depressing. However, dark bathrooms can be quite alluring with the right design elements. One of those elements is the countertops. The bathroom countertop is important because it helps to establish the look and feel of the entire room. A dark bathroom countertop can create much needed drama in your bathroom without going overboard.

There are a variety of textures that can come into play with your dark bathroom countertops. These countertops give character and personality to an otherwise lifeless room and create an interesting work of art that is still functional and practical.


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Update your Home with Herringbone Tile Floors

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Updating your home does not always call for an expensive whole house remodel. Sometimes you just need to change your flooring. If your floor is looking old and worn from years of constant use, then that will make a huge effect on the visual appearance of your rooms as a whole. If you are looking for a flooring design that is traditional, yet unique, consider herringbone tile floors.

The herringbone pattern creates a sophisticated look that not only instantly updates the aesthetic of your home, it is also appropriate for any room in the house.


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Dining Room

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Decorate your Floor with Tile Rugs

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So you have an upcoming tile floor project, but you want to add a little more pizazz. Have you ever considered putting in a tile rug? Well, not exactly a rug, it simply appears as one due to its outside border and inside design. These tile rugs can be customized to fit whatever room you desire and since the rug is installed first, the rest of the floor works around it. What a wonderful way to personalize the floors in your home!

Make a bold statement with a tile rug that has contrasting colors like black and white.


Tile rugs can also help to differentiate one part of the room from the next like in this entry area. The diagonal tile rug makes the space more visually appealing and has a special added touch with the center medallion.


Why not create a tile runner to define the path through your master bath or hallway?

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Change the Look of your Kitchen with Countertops

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The cabinets do play a large role in the kitchen, but right behind them are the kitchen countertops. Many homeowners don’t realize that “the kitchen countertop takes a lead in determining how our kitchen designs will be perceived in terms of color, weight, balance, proportion, scale” – Certified Kitchen Designer Susan Serra 

Your countertops can be the lead in your kitchen design, or it can follow, it simply depends on your preferences. Are you looking to make a bold statement with your countertops? Or are you going for a soft and calming look? You want to make sure you are looking at the kitchen as a whole when you are selecting your countertops.

Remember to visualize the countertops in your kitchen with all the accessories that will be placed on top of them. Are you looking to create a color story with those accessories? Or will they be in contrast to the countertop. For example: a modern, bold, countertop with traditional/eclectic/other accessories. – Serra

But just make sure you do not lose sight of the big picture.



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Add Drama to your Home Interiors

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People notice lighting when they walk into a room; it creates the ambiance of the space. Lighting doesn’t have to be complicated or excessive to be noticeable and dramatic. In fact, simple lighting choices can go a long way in home decor, if they are done right.

1. Start by thinking outside of the box. Add unique light fixtures to normally utilitarian rooms.

2. Hang a pendant light above your kitchen sink or bar; place a lamp in your bathroom, as the main source of light, to soften the feel of the room.

3. Add character to bedrooms by scaling down the number of basic light fixtures there are, and adding one unique fixture.

4. A dining room can be transformed into a place of wonder with the simple addition of a hanging light or chandelier above the table.

Decor can be fun and whimsical when lighting is used artistically. Even simple-but-well-placed fixtures can make a dramatic difference in both how the room looks and feels.

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Why Laminate Flooring is a popular choice

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When you are looking to replace the flooring in your home, consider laminate flooring. Laminate floors are very popular for a number of reasons. Laminate can basically look like any type of flooring you want – hardwood, ceramic tile, natural stone and more! The laminate floors of today are not like the ones of the past that were easy to spot.

With advanced technology, manufacturers can now create realistic visuals and textures for an elegant and quality floor. Check out some of the great reasons why laminate flooring is such a popular flooring choice:

  • patterns mimic wood and natural stone
  • good choice for the look without the maintenance or cost
  • offers significant value
  • range of colors and styles, including exotic
  • durable for active lifestyles
  • stain resistant, no wax or varnish
  • less likely to fade in sunlight
  • sold in Europe for 25+ years
  • 10-20 times harder than laminate countertops
  • floated rather than secured directly
  • installed over a variety of subfloors
  • one of the best selling floors in the US
  • great impact and indentation resistance
  • easy to replace, if desire

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Clean your Rugs and get them ready for Holiday Traffic

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Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, have you checked the rugs in your home? Remember, your rugs will be seen by guests and will have an influx of foot traffic come the week of Thanksgiving. Now is a great time to start cleaning your rugs before the holiday rush.

Since there are various types of rugs made from a variety of materials, it is important that you check the rug’s care tag before you begin any sort of cleaning regimen. You do not want to attempt to clean the rug yourself if the care tag says that it must be dry-cleaned.

You can easily shake your small rugs outside in order to get rid of loose dirt. Its best to wash them in cold water inside a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase with zip. However, if you have a large rug,stick with the care instructions on the tag.

To dry your rugs, either hang them on your porch or patio, or on a clothes-drying rack. Then use a stiff brush and rub in a strong manner to remove any tiny irritates like hair strands that may have accumulated in the rug.

Are your rugs still looking horrible after you’ve washed them?  That means it is time to get them replaced. If you live in the St. Louis area and need new custom rugs, visit Ambassador Floor Company or give us a call at 636-728-1600.

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Ambassador can help get your Dining Room ready for Thanksgiving

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With Thanksgiving being two weeks away, hopefully you have your dining room dressed to impress by now. But if not, Ambassador Floor Company is here to help! Did you know that we also offer home furnishings and accessories? Many of which that can be purchased immediately! You may simply need that one piece that will bring your living room interiors to life or you might need a completely new dining room set, well we can help you get your dining room looking its best.

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Decorative Design Options for Updating your Shower

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Is the tile in your bathroom starting to look more and more outdated as the days pass by? Are you ready to embark on a bathroom remodel in order to make your master bath a relaxing retreat? When you have finally decided to have your shower updated, make sure you have thoroughly considered the different decorative design options. Here are a few:

  • Instead of setting the tile straight or square, set the tile at a 45 degree angle or on the diagonal
  • Go with a few added options and set the tile with a brick joint or running bond pattern
  • Add a decorative listello at the top, bottom or eye level (straight or diagonal lay)
  • For those who have a large enough wall,  add a feature like a decorative picture frame.
  • Choose  different  colors to alternate and make a checkerboard pattern

Want a few more decorative design options? Visit Ambassador Floor Company. If you live in the St. Louis area and want your shower updated, give us a call at 636-728-1600.