Choose the Right Bathroom Floor

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Want to give your home a quick makeover, but don’t have the time for a large-scale remodel at the moment? If so, transforming your bathrooms is a great option. These spaces are usually fairly small compared to other rooms, but with new flooring, a sophisticated paint color, and some new hardware, even a small bathroom can pack a big visual punch for not a lot of money.

However, bathrooms do have a few practical concerns that must be addressed when it comes to flooring. Read on for some tips from HGTV to help you choose the bathroom flooring that’s right for you.

  • Ceramic tile– Classic, durable, hygienic, and versatile. Tile is easy to clean and comes in a myriad of sizes, colors, and patterns to complement any decor style.
  • Laminate– Also quite durable and easy to clean, but you can achieve a wood floor look.
  • Natural stone– Easy to maintain while also durable, yet unpolished varieties will need to be sealed to prevent stains.
  • Carpet– This comes as a surprise to most people, but if you choose the right kind of carpet, it can be a great flooring material for a bathroom, and obviously much warmer on your feet than tile or stone. To work in a bathroom, the carpet must be water-, mildew-, and stain-resistant, and have a backing material that won’t let water seep in to the pad.

At Ambassador Floor Company, we carry a huge range of carpet, ceramic, hardwood, vinyl, marble, and granite flooring products to suit any customer’s personal style and functional needs. Visit our showroom in Chesterfield today and let us help you find the perfect flooring for your St. Louis area home!

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Selecting Stain and Finish for your Wood Floors

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When you choose to stain your floor rather than keep it natural, make sure you know the color you would like. There are quite a few shades to consider. After you have selected the color, now it is time to select the finish. It is important to note that there are two main types of finish: oil and water-based. Both of these finishes are available in semigloss, satin, and gloss sheens. The oil-based finishes will allow your wood floor to grow richer and darker in color with age. Each coat will take about 5 to 12 hours to dry.

The water-based finishes will dry clear on wood flooring so the wood will retain its original color. Water-based finishes are applied in thinner layers than oil finishes so you will have to use more coats. However, each coat takes about an hour to dry. If you have pets in your home that tend to scratch up flooring, water-based coatings are the best for your home because they are more scratch-resistant than the oil based finishes.

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How to Find a Professional Refinisher

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When your hardwood floors are in need of refinishing you need to start your search for a professional flooring contractor and/or refinisher. When you are trying to decide which flooring contractor to hire, consult your friends and family for recommendations first. After you get a few names from them, contact a few refinishers. You want to explain the job you need done and get written estimates. Before you make your final decision, be sure to check references, and if the refinisher or company is insured and licensed (all states do not require being licensed).

Don’t be afraid to discuss any concerns you may have before the work actual begins. For instance, let’s say you and your family suffers from allergies. Ask your floor refinisher to use a dust-collecting system equipped with HEPA filters.

Ambassador Floor Company in Chesterfield, MO can refinish and install brand new flooring in your St. Louis area home. Just give us a call at 636-728-1600.

Stainmaster Presents Its Eco-Friendly Alternative

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Ambassador Floor Co is proud to support eco-friendly flooring solutions.

Ambassador Floor Company supports green initiatives. That is why we are proud to announce that our Stainmaster products come from an company equally committed to going green.

GreenLiving with Stainmaster is an effort to provide quality, sustainable products for its clients. Stainmaster has implemented green practices throughout the creation and distribution process:

-In manufacturing, Stainmaster has revamped its methods to protect the environment and the health of employees and consumers.

– Endurance plays an important role in Stainmaster’s green efforts. Stainmaster carpets are proven to last up to 50% longer than its competitors, meaning fewer carpet replacements. Fewer replacements can result in up to 37% lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (expressed as CO2 equivalents) than other carpets.

-EcoSoft carpet cushions are created utilizing durable, recycled materials.

-Stainmaster is committed to minimizing its impact on landfills without compromising style and comfort. Stainmaster’s new line of rugs contain over 90% post-consumer fibers and are 100% recyclable.

-Lastly, Stainmaster gives back to the community by presenting communities with corporate citizenship  opportunities.

Ambassador Floor Company’s  Stainmaster products are a great investment for your family, your community, and the environment. For more information in our products and services, call 636.728.1600 or visit


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Choose Stainmaster Vinyl Flooring for High-Traffic Areas

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Think vinyl flooring is a thing of the past? Think again. Advances in flooring technology have lead to the creation of super-durable, comfortable, and stylish vinyl flooring options that are perfect for high-traffic areas of the home such as entryways, kitchens, mudrooms, and bathrooms.

Stainmaster resilient vinyl flooring adds another layer of protection with its patented stain-fighting technology plus Soft Step padding for the ultimate in comfort. Stainmaster offers vinyl flooring in a number of colors and patterns so you can get the look of materials such as stone, tile, wood, luxury wood plank, and luxury tile flooring.You will hardly be able to tell the difference! What you will notice is how easy it is to care for vinyl flooring compared with other flooring surfaces and how resilient it is against stains and daily wear and tear.

Contact Ambassador Flooring Company in Chesterfield, Mo., to explore your options with Stainmaster resilient vinyl floors.

Spot Removal Tips for Carpet

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It can happen in an instant. You spill a bit of wine on the carpet during a party and resolve to take care of it the next day. When you go to treat it, the spill has now become a hard-to-remove stain. This common occurrence underscores the importance of treating spills quickly after they occur, one of Beaulieu® of America’s spot removal tips.

Next time, follow these instructions for treating the wine spill: Immediately treat the wine spot by first blotting with a white cotton towel, starting from the outside of the spot and working in to prevent spreading. Once the spot is barely damp, apply a spot remover. We recommend purchasing a spot remover with the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval. If you don’t have a special carpet spot remover, try just plain water to dilute the stain or a homemade solution of 1/4 teaspoon of a clear dishwashing liquid mixed with one cup of warm water. Remember, never scrub a carpet stain!

Get more carpet and floor cleaning tips from Ambassador Floor Company in Chesterfield, Mo.

How To Extend Stainmaster Carpet Warranty

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Did you know you can extend the limited warranty on your Stainmaster carpet just by selecting Stainmaster carpet padding at installation or after? It’s easy to justify selecting a standard carpet pad because it isn’t visible, but investing in an top-quality carpet pad can increase the lifespan and comfort of your carpet. Plus, Stainmaster carpet pads have other built-in features that are designed to complement Stainmaster carpets such as a breathable moisture barrier that:

  • “Keeps most common household spills from penetrating the cushion and subfloor
  • Makes clean-up easy, which helps to stop reappearing stains on the carpet
  • Helps to protect the cushion from mold and mildew formation by allowing damaging water vapors to pass through the cushion and evaporate” –

Check out this You Tube video that explains more about the benefits of selecting Stainmaster carpet cushion:

Contact Ambassador Flooring Company in Chesterfield, Mo., to purchase Stainmaster carpet and carpet cushion.

Prepare Your Hardwood Floors for Winter

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Winter is official here and as many of you know, it is near impossible to avoid winter elements being tracked into your home and over your hardwood floors. Dirt, slush, snow, and salt can all damage your beautiful and healthy hardwood floor.  To help avoid and problems follow these tips courtesy of Growers and Nomads:

Floor mats are your friends – There’s a reason that welcome mats are placed at the front door, and it’s not to welcome guests. It’s to ensure that all the dirt and grime from the outdoors don’t make it inside. For a floor mat to truly serve it’s purpose, it must be cleaned regularly.

Dishes vs. shoes – Who ever said dish drainers were just for dishes? Take a simple plastic drainer, place a towel underneath and use it for
children and guests to place their wet shoes.

Treat your pet – By placing a bowl of treats at your front or back door, you can begin to train your pet to stay near the entrance until you
can thoroughly wipe their paws clean.

Stock up – With all the foot traffic coming through the front door, it may be a good idea to keep whatever cleaning supplies you might need
nearby – particularly towels and maybe even a Wet Vac.

Know your investment – Whether your wood floors were already installed in your home or you had your floors redone, always know what type of
warranty exists, if any, in case major damage ever takes place.

Century Flooring

For help upgrading your flooring contact Ambassador Floor Company in St. Louis.

Green Label Vacuums

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Earlier we discussed that the “Green” carpets certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) are marked with a Green Label, this is also true for vacuums. CRI certified vacuum machines improve the cleanliness of your carpet and the quality of your indoor air. The CRI vacuums remove allergens and dust that become trapped in the carpet fibers.

The CRI combines the indoor air quality of its Green Label and cleaning standards of its Seal of Approval program to identify even better performing vacuum cleaners. Under the enhanced Seal of Approval vacuum program, manufactures are held to a higher standard of performance and are rewarded with Gold, Silver, or Bronze ratings.

CRI employs an independent testing laboratory to measure:

  • Soil removal — A machine’s performance in soil removal is measured precisely through NASA-enhanced X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology. The entry level of Bronze requires a 10 percent improvement of soil removal over the Green Label program and the standards are even higher for Silver and Gold levels.
  • Dust containment — A residential vacuum must not release more than 100 micrograms of dust particles per cubic meter of air. You want all that dirt, dust and pet dander locked tight in the vacuum, not escaping back into the air where it can be inhaled. Additionally, Gold level vacuums must meet ambient air quality standards.
  • Carpet fiber protection — The vacuum must not affect the appearance of the carpet more than a one-step change (shop speak for “not very much”) based on one year of normal vacuum use.

Before being considered for the Bronze, Silver or Gold Seal of Approval ratings, a vacuum cleaner must comply with the carpet fiber protection standard as well as meet both the corresponding soil removal standard and dust containment The CRI Seal of Approval program makes vacuum cleaner selection easier for you. So look for the Seal of Approval logo or label on packaging, displays and on the machine itself.

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Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

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If you are hosting a holiday dinner or party, it will be very difficult to avoid spills on your floor. To help you out this season we wanted to revisit cleaning and maintenance tips.

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How To Remove Grease From Your Carpet

Green Cleaning

How To Clean Scuffs Off Hardwood Flooring

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