Home Remedies To Remove Mud From Carpets

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As hard as you might try, sometimes dirt and mud will make it into your home. If you find that someone has walked across your carpet with muddy shoes, we have a simple cleaning solution that will help you remove soil and mud from synthetic-fiber carpets like nylon and polyester.

Tips from Real Simple:
1. Vacuum any dry dirt to remove as much as possible.
2. Dip a white cloth into detergent solution and dab repeatedly, then press the cloth on the spot for a few seconds. Wait 15 minutes, then soak up the excess liquid with a dry white cloth.
3. Dip another dry white cloth in lukewarm water and dab repeatedly, then press it on the spot for a few seconds.

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How To Remove Grease From Your Carpet

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Grease can be a bit tricky to remove from carpets and just like any other spill the sooner you can treat it the more likely you are to remove the stain.  The method below is a Green, chemical free way to remove food grease from your carpet from TLC Home.

Sprinkle it with a li­ttle cornmeal and allow it to sit for five minutes. Next, sponge the area with vinegar and water.

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How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?

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It can be difficult to determine how often to clean your carpets; like do you need to vacuum a room with very little traffic as much as a busy hallway? Or if you have a pet, do you need to clean your carpet more?  The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), is a non-profit organization that the carpet industry’s resource for cleaning information has developed a guideline for carpet cleaning frequency.  The IICRC consider traffic, soil rating, vacuuming schedules, spot cleaning schedules, and professional interim and restorative cleaning.

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How To Clean A Hardwood Floor

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Many people believe that the best way to clean hardwood wood floors is with a wet mop, but actually you should never use a wet mop on a hardwood floor, this will raise the grain and may permanently damage the wood’s surface.  We recommend using surface cleaners and a dry cloth. If you have a Mohawk Hardwood Floor, use Mohawk Floor Care Essentials Hard Surface Products to clean and protect your hardwood floor. Always apply the Mohawk Floor Care Essentials Hard Surface Cleaner directly to the terry cloth flooring mop, not the floor.

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More Green Cleaning Tips: Cleaning Mildew

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It’s not unusual for spills and accidents to occur on your carpets and rugs, little spills like a glass of juice to big leaks like an white vinegar bottle and water spray bottleoverfilled bathtub, or a leaky pipe.  And as we’ve said before the only true defense against spills adsorbing into the carpet fibers is to act quickly.

But even after taking quick action, it is probably safe to assume you’re going to have a mildew problem at some point; after all, mildew loves the damp, and carpet and rug fibers love to retain dampness.

The good news is that there is a Green way to kill any mildew spores living deep in your carpet or rug fibers by just dabbing in a mixture of half vinegar and half water. Don’t let the carpet or rug stay damp for too long! If you can’t set the rug or carpet out in a sunny spot for awhile, you can use a hair dryer, set at a very low setting, or aim an electric fan at damp spot.  Remember the goal is to eradicate the mildew and to defeat dampness!

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Cleaning Kool-aid Stains From Carpets

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The weather is warming up and the summer is quickly approaching, for many of us that means entertaining.  And entertaining means messes and major clean-ups.  If you decide to serve red wine, red punch, katsup or popsicles, be prepared to clean red stains from your carpet.  But don’t fret, red stains are easier to clean up then you think, as long as you act quickly and follow these 4 steps.

  1. Determine what made your red stain, if you can. If the stain is dried, it will be more difficult to remove. If it is a new spill, your job will be much easier. You must also determine if the fabric is washable. If it is not, you must take it to a professional dry cleaner and make certain you tell them about the stain.
  2. Blot up as much of the newly spilled liquid or substance as possible with an old clean towel that is now used as a cleaning rag. If the stain is red wine or red Kool-aid, after blotting up the spill, pour a little club soda on the stain and let it sit for a few seconds, then blot. Repeat the procedure two or three times, if necessary. The club soda almost always works, but if the stain is not totally gone, try a little white wine on the red wine stain.
  3. Soak the stained area of a dried stain in cold water, if possible. If the stain is on a carpet or furniture, lay a white cloth soaked in cold water on the stain. Cold water is the best solution for removing blood stains, so continue to soak the blood stain until it is saturated. Blot the water from the stain with a clean terry towel. Use an old one that you now use for cleaning rags because the stain may transfer to the towel.
  4. Apply any cleaning solutions that are likely to work on the stain. For red stains with an oily base, such as catsup, apply Dawn dish washing liquid, either straight from the bottle or mixed with water, based on the intensity and age of the stain. Other things to try on your stain are to rub a bar of Fels Naptha laundry soap on the wet stain, or try a little Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda mixed with water. Try 20 Mule Team Borax mixed with water or laundry detergent mixed with water.
  5. Rinse the cleaning solution off the stain and blot up the excess liquid. If not all the stain has been removed, try mixing together 1 part rubbing alcohol to 2 parts water. Rinse and blot.

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The following are commonly asked questions about STAINMASTER Carpet care. These tips will help you keep your STAINMASTER Carpets looking beautiful for longer.

Should I vacuum regularly?

Yes. Regular vacuuming is an important part of complete carpet maintenance. Vacuuming will help to remove dry soil particles that can dull fibers and cause matting to occur.

Does steam cleaning affect stain resistance of STAINMASTER carpet?

No. Tests indicate steam cleaning does not affect the stain resistance performance of STAINMASTER. STAINMASTER texture retention warranties require steam cleaning or hot water extraction at least every 18-24 months.

Ambassador Floor is the only STAINMASTER Flooring Center in the St. Louis Area. For more tips visit STAINMASTER.COM.

Hot To Remove Finger Nail Polish Out Of Carpet

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If you drip finger nail polish on the carpet, don’t fret, there is a way to remove the nail polish without damaging the carpet.

Remove finger nail polish stains from carpet, being careful not to remove the carpet’s natural color.

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Green Cleaning

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There is myth going around that Going Green is costly, but contrary to popular belief, Green materials are actually very cost efficient.  The best Green cleaner are most likely already in your pantry – vinegar, salt, lemon juice and baking soda. These can be used to clean any thing from the windows, polishing furniture, reducing paint odors, to cleaning floors.

Cleaning bare floors is simple, check out the cleaning tips from TLC Home.

Your basic vinegar and water solution is really the perfect choice for cleaning most types of bare floors in your home. Mix up 1 cup vinegar with 1 gallon warm water (be sure it’s warm!) and mop it onto a ceramic tile, linoleum, vinyl, or wood floor. There is no need to rinse afterward — saving both time and water. If your vinyl or linoleum floor looks a little dull after cleaning, you can give it a shine by mopping it over again with straight club soda. Try not to saturate wood floors with the vinegar and water solution. Use a light touch; the mixture will make your floor shiny and remove any greasy buildup.

For more easy Green cleaning tips read 10 Green Cleaning Tips on TLC Home.com.

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Removing Glue From Carpets

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If you have young kids in your home, then you most likely have craft related spills on your carpets and rugs.  By craft related, we mean crayons, glue and glitter that always find a way on to a clean carpet.

So if you do find a dried blob of glue on your carpet, try treating it with a vinegar and water solution sponged in and blotted. However, if the spot is stubborn – warm up the vinegar on the stovetop or in your microwave and blot the stain with undiluted vinegar. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then scrape it away. Clean up any residue using the vinegar and water solution.

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