Home Renovation Tips From Candice Olson

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Our favorite Divine Designer Candice Olson shares her own tips and tricks for renovating your home.

Before you hire a designer, find out what you like.
It’s not uncommon for folks to be unable to articulate what their style is, says Candice Olson. Create a scrapbook or binder full of magazine clippings, fabrics and photos of design that catches your eye. A homeowner who has done their homework really helps a designer, says Olson: “When I look through 20 different pages that a homeowner has collected, it gives an outsider a good idea of what the person likes.”

Create a sample board.
After Olson meets with her clients, she pulls together a sample board — a collection of fabric scraps, paint chips, finish samples, flooring bits, photos of furnishings that tells the room’s design story. Make your own when you’re dreaming up a room makeover. It’ll help you match up fabrics and wallpapers
before they get installed. Plus, it helps you stick to your vision once you’ve started.

Be open to a room swap.
Swapping rooms or areas in a room is a trick that Olson uses frequently on
Divine Design. A dining room and living room will trade places or a kitchen floor plan gets reversed. Of course, unless you’re gutting your entire home you can’t swap the kitchen with a bedroom, Olson says, but by taking a fresh look at how a space works, you may find a better way to use your square footage.

Look in commercial buildings for inspiration.
When shopping for kitchen flooring you may find products that are stylish and extra-durable. Want to make your kitchen look bigger? “Laying the kitchen floor pattern on a diagonal lets you visually expand the space — good to know if you have a tight squeeze,” Olson says.

You can find Candice Olson’s home decor at Ambassador Floor and For the Home Showrooms.

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Selecting Flooring For A Small Bathroom

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Designing a small place is always difficult, and design a small bathroom can seem near impossible.  So we have a few tips that will help you as you select flooring for your small bath.

  • First and foremost bathroom floor needs to be strong and durable, consider flooring options that are water resistant and stand up to foot traffic, like ceramic or natural stone tiles.
  • Avoid carpeting and marble that can be stained by alcohol and perfume.
  • When choosing flooring for a small space, choose light colors and avoid a busy pattern. A good alternative is to insert a medallion or decorative motif and repeat that motif on the walls or elsewhere in the bath.
  • Another way to make a small bathroom look larger is to keep flooring and walls the same color tone.

There are many rules to follow when selecting flooring for your home, but ultimately it comes down to what looks and feels best to you. Good Luck!

If you still need assistance selecting flooring visit us at Ambassador Floor.

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Selecting Hardwood Flooring

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Like many people, you probably love the look of real hardwood flooring, and why not hardwood flooring has been using in homes for centuries to add warmth and charm. Hardwood floors always seem to be in style and can add real value to your home.

But before you start shopping for hardwood flooring there are several factors you should consider.

Hardness. If you have a busy household avoid soft pine floors that can dent easily. The distressed look is desirable for some people, but for others, it’s not practical. Ask a sales associate about the hardness of the wood before making a decision.

Color: What shade do you want for your floors? What goes best with your décor? When visiting show room, you might want to bring in paint chips or fabric swatches to help you to match the flooring with your homes décor.

Finish. You can purchase prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring. If you select unfinished flooring, you’ll need to apply a sealant and/or stain. The most popular options are a satin stain and a polyurethane oil stain. The first is a darker yet understated look, while the polyurethane gives the floors a nice shine.

At Ambassador Floor we carry 18 different hardwood manufactures, so ask a sales associate for help while shopping for hardwood flooring.

CASA wild west themed playhouses

More Chances To Win A Playhouse For CASA

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Thank you to everyone who came out Saturday to support the CASA Playhouse Fundraisers.  More than 250 people came out to view the adorable 7 by 7 feet Western Themed playhouses.  During the reception Saturday the hotel, corner restaurant and theater were auctioned off to the highest bidders.

But there are still more chanced to win a playhouse of your own. To win one of the remaining playhouses, you can purchase raffle tickets from CASA. The playhouses will be raffled off Sunday August 15th at 3 PM at Ambassador Floor.

For more information visit www.casastlcounty.org, or by calling the CASA office at 314-615-2908. Raffle tickets can be purchased at The St. Louis Mills Mall, www.casastlcounty.org, by calling the CASA office at 314-615-2908, or via e-mail at information@casastlcounty.org.

CASA wild west themed playhouses

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Daltile Lets You Design Your Own Mosaic

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Mosaic back splash, floor or wall covering are stylish and bring character to any room.  Daltile offers mosaic tiles that look stunning no matter how you use them.  Daltile also lets you take the design and pattern of the mosaics into your own hands.  Check out Daltile.com to design your own tile mosaic:

It’s easy to do:

  • Select your canvas size
  • Select a pattern if desired
  • Select a tile Series
  • Select a color
  • To fill the tile blocks, single click inside the canvas or you may fast fill by holding down the shift key and moving the cursor across the mosaic canvas

Complete your own mosaic and share it us!

Check out all of Daltile looks at AmbassadorFloor.com

Get Focused – Selecting Kitchen Flooring

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It can be a little over whelming when selecting flooring for your kitchen, there are so many choices, hardwood, tile, laminate, cork and so on.  The other day we found a great questionnaire from Kitchens.com that will help you focus your selection process.

  1. What is under my current flooring? How will this material affect the choice of my new flooring? Is there asbestos that will need to be removed?
  2. What flooring option feels the best under my feet?
  3. Do I want to use the opportunity of getting a new floor to level off its height if I now have to step up or down to enter the kitchen?
  4. Would I like to install a radiant-heat system under my new floor?
  5. Do I prefer a consistent color or one that’s broken up by granules or veins or that’s patterned?
  6. Do I need to consider the safety of children or elderly family members who may be coming through or using the kitchen?
  7. Do I want to place a priority on being able to quickly clean up spills without worrying about stains or water damage?
  8. Do I prefer natural or manmade materials?

If you’ll like you can go to the Kitchens.com to print out the questionnaire and refer to it as you shop for flooring. Good Luck!

Mohawk ceramic tile in bathroom

3 Reasons To Love Mohawk Ceramic Tile

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  1. Variety: Mohawk has a large selection of floor tiles such as; Natural, Rustic, Slate, and Classic.  There are also tiles for mosaics, backsplashes and countertops.
  2. Mohawk tiles are eco-friendly: Mohawk manufacturers are energy efficient and last year Mohawk reused nearly 35 million pounds of internally generated waste fired tile to make new wall tile products.  Some ceramic tiles can be as high as 47 percent recycled materials.
  3. Durability: Mohawk ceramic tiles are suitable for all residential interiors and most commercial applications subject to high footwear traffic and scratching dirt. If properly maintained the ceramic tiles can last for years to come.

Mohawk ceramic tile in bathroom

Come by Ambassador Floor to check out Mohawk Ceramic Tiles for yourself.

Photo: Mohawk Flooring

Nourtex Classic Appeal

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We are thrilled to be carrying Nourtex broadloom and runners in your showroom.  The Nourtex collection has a distinctive design and style.

We love the Nourtex collections because they are available in a variety of color and styles plus many of their rugs have a distinctive vintage look  due to the handmade characteristics of the rugs.

Check out the entire collection at the Ambassador floor Showroom.

Best Flooring For A Lake Side Home

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Pools season is finally here and if you have a backyard pool, then you might be wondering if the flooring in your kitchen, den or even patio is strong enough to withstand the high traffic and moisture from the pool.   You should consider choosing flooring that is waterproof and durable.  Floor Now Blog recently posted Water Proof Flooring For Summer Fun, all about the best flooring for homes that attract wetness because they are near a pool, lake or beach.

Perhaps the simplest type of waterproof flooring is a piece of linoleum.  Today’s linoleum is not your grandparents’ linoleum.  This new green and renewable resourced product comes in many colors and patterns and there is a design for practically anyone.  It’s easy to wipe down after barbecue sauce spills and lemonade and other unknown stains, as well.  Even if you just do that, often you can get a bargain priced piece because it’s a leftover.  The best place to look for designs in linoleum is online, and there you can compare all of the types, advantages, prices and designs.  In a brick and mortar store there is often limited selection, and the designs they do have may not please you.

Another super waterproof (and extremely long-lasting) type of flooring material is tile flooring.  There are the basic peel and stick ones, plus hundreds of other kinds.  Porcelain tiles are precise and easy to clean.  Natural stone tiles are also attractive looking, but a little more difficult to put down as flooring because there are slight size differences and you cannot lay them in a normal checkerboard pattern in case some are off-measurement.  Stagger those like a brick wall, choose the right grout and sealant and you’ll have a super looking floor fairly quickly. You may even purchase porcelain tiles that look exactly like natural stone ones, but are perfect in their measurements because they are made in factories.

The final class of flooring that may be considered waterproof or water-resistant is ceramic tiles.  A few ceramic tiles such as Saltillos are iffy in that area, but well and properly sealed they could work.  The “ordinary” type and easily available ceramic tiles, which come in thousands of styles and colors, work extremely well.  If you have a small room, get large tiles and put them down diagonally.  This increases the visual space.  Make sure they are also properly sealed and grouted and you’ll have a super long lasting floor surface that will serve you and your family for a long time.

Contact a professional from Ambassador Floor to assist you when choosing the best flooring to fit your style and function of your home.MoHawk tile floor

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White Wash Walnut Laminate Floor

Armstrong Laminate Flooring

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Laminate flooring is the prefect alternative to hardwood floors.  Armstrong Laminate Floors look like traditional wood flooring, but are more durable, affordable and easy to install – that’s the real beauty of Armstrong laminate floors.

White Wash Walnut Laminate Floor

Armstrong- White Wash Walnut Laminate

Ambassador Floor is proud to carry Armstrong Flooring products.