Cork Flooring: Eco-Friendly and Stylish

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When you want the feeling in your home to be stylish, eco-friendly and warm, your first step is to install cork flooring.

Cork is produced by the natural shedding of the thick outer bark of the cork oak tree, which occurs every nine to 12 years. No trees are cut down and a single tree will produce bark for hundreds of years. Cork harvesting is done only with hand tools.

You can take the eco-friendly theme a step further with cork tiles made from recycled waste, like wine bottle stoppers, to add a dimension of visual interest. Cork tiles are manufactured in patterns and in creative shapes like triangles and polygons, and they can be installed in unique custom patterns.

Cork is naturally impermeable, and flooring is usually sealed with polyurethane to further protect it from damage. Still, it’s advised that you do not wet mop a cork floor, but clean spills immediately with a damp cloth.

Cork flooring comes in a number of natural colors, plus even more water-base stains to simulate hardwoods or other stylish earth tones. It is soft, and a good insulator.

Ambassador Floor Company has cork flooring for all your home’s needs.


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