Creating Floors that are Hard to Forget

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As guests enter a home, they automatically look down at their feet to ensure solid footing over the threshold. The first thing they will notice in your home will be your floors. As their eyes move up towards the interior of your home they will notice how the furniture, decorations and walls complement your flooring motif.

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Carpet, vinyl, laminate, wood, tile, marble or granite are all common flooring choices. These basic flooring options can be individualized to achieve a variety of looks. Multiple types of flooring can be integrated to create a modern look which changes seamlessly between rooms. Rich wood tones with accent pieces can be used to highlight architectural features of the home. Tiles can be laid to create intricate patterns which lead the guest’s eyes through the room. Comfortable carpet laid in the family room can create a relaxing, comfortable place for your family to sit and enjoy each other’s company.

If you have a home that needs a flooring update or you would like to add a sense of intrigue to an already existing floor, call Ambassador Floor Company located in Chesterfield, MO. We’ll help you create an unforgettable floor in your own St. Louis area home!

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