Eco-Friendly Flooring Facts about Bamboo

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Some homeowners are not quite sure about bamboo flooring since it is not the norm as far as wood flooring goes. However, there are quite a few benefits to this eco-friendly flooring that may convince you otherwise about having bamboo flooring in your home.

  • Bamboo is a rapidly renewing resource that matures in three years
  • It regenerates without need for replanting
  • Bamboo actually purifies the soil and the atmosphere
  • Bamboo has a  tensile strength superior to steel
  • Bamboo can tolerate precipitation extremes

Bamboo flooring also looks beautiful in the home! Take the time to check out bamboo flooring and find out all the wonderful benefits you and your family will experience from this delightful natural material. If you live in the St.Louis area and need help figuring out the right green flooring for your home, visit us here at Ambassador Floor Company.


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