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23430917_SYou’ve taken time to pick out the perfect present. Are you going to just stick it in a gift bag and rumple some tissue paper on top? Well, if you are busy getting ready for the holidays that’s just fine. If you have a few extra minutes wrapping a gift beautifully is a gift in itself. It’s another way of showing the recipient that they are special to you.

For your “green” friends use eco-friendly repurposed wrapping paper. Instead of using tissue paper, use tulle. You can find tulle in all kinds of fun and sparkly colors at your local fabric shop.

Use familiar materials like paper bags, cardboard boxes, crepe paper, and twine. These are easily made into sophisticated packaging for small gifts and favors with ribbon or decorative paper.

Use fabric. A scarf, a tea towel, or some quilting scraps are perfect. Fasten with safety pins instead of tape.

If you are giving someone multiple gifts, why not create a tower of presents? Stack gift boxes from smallest to largest and then tie with a super wide ribbon.

Instead of purchasing wrapping paper, use your children’s artwork instead. This is a charming and thoughtful way to dress up a present.

Attach sprigs of herbs, flowers or greens and holly to packages as an extra touch. Or add a small Christmas ornament on the outside of each gift.

Customize gift tags by making your own with playful stamps and colorful ink. Or find adhesive craft letters in the recipients initials and fasten them to the box.

And finally, instead of purchasing bows, you know – the kind that stick on, use tulle, wired ribbon or fabric flowers to adorn the top of your packages.

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