Flooring Options for a White Kitchen

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We love our kitchens. Not simply because it is the place in the home where we go to fill our bellies with delicious meals, but because it has quickly become the new heart of the home. For those of us who have light, bright white kitchens, an important part of the aesthetics of the room or space is the flooring, as in all kitchens really. However, in a white kitchen, the flooring really becomes more noticeable. It may seem that any flooring would go well with a white kitchen, but you have to remember that you still want it to match the style of the rest of the home too. Here are 3 flooring options for White kitchens, courtesy of Traditional Home:

Concrete Flooring

The concrete floor in this kitchen was scored and hand-tinted for a lustrous appearance.


Wood Flooring

This lovely white kitchen has a bleached-wood floor that helps to add a subdued presence to the space.


Tile Flooring

The black and white checkerboard tiles laid on the diagonal give this white kitchen eye-catching color contrast.

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