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Our favorite Divine Designer Candice Olson shares her own tips and tricks for renovating your home.

Before you hire a designer, find out what you like.
It’s not uncommon for folks to be unable to articulate what their style is, says Candice Olson. Create a scrapbook or binder full of magazine clippings, fabrics and photos of design that catches your eye. A homeowner who has done their homework really helps a designer, says Olson: “When I look through 20 different pages that a homeowner has collected, it gives an outsider a good idea of what the person likes.”

Create a sample board.
After Olson meets with her clients, she pulls together a sample board — a collection of fabric scraps, paint chips, finish samples, flooring bits, photos of furnishings that tells the room’s design story. Make your own when you’re dreaming up a room makeover. It’ll help you match up fabrics and wallpapers
before they get installed. Plus, it helps you stick to your vision once you’ve started.

Be open to a room swap.
Swapping rooms or areas in a room is a trick that Olson uses frequently on
Divine Design. A dining room and living room will trade places or a kitchen floor plan gets reversed. Of course, unless you’re gutting your entire home you can’t swap the kitchen with a bedroom, Olson says, but by taking a fresh look at how a space works, you may find a better way to use your square footage.

Look in commercial buildings for inspiration.
When shopping for kitchen flooring you may find products that are stylish and extra-durable. Want to make your kitchen look bigger? “Laying the kitchen floor pattern on a diagonal lets you visually expand the space — good to know if you have a tight squeeze,” Olson says.

You can find Candice Olson’s home decor at Ambassador Floor and For the Home Showrooms.

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    Dear Mrs Olson

    I am a portuguese 69 years old and I see all your programs witch I adore
    You are really wonderfull and nice. I wish you where here in Lisbon because in my age I would like to live in one of your beautifull divine design.

    I whish you all the best for you and your familly.

    allow me to kiss you



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