How To Clean Scuffs Off Hardwood Flooring

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Shoe scuffs and chair scuffs on wood flooring are unavoidable, but the good news is that scuff are easy to remove. Below are 5 easy steps to help you remove scuffs from hard wood flooring.

You’ll Need:

  • mineral spirits
  • fine steel wool
  • oil
  • furniture wax
  • clean white cotton cloth rag
  • WD-40
  • pencil eraser

How to:

Step 1: Use a dry white cotton cloth to wipe the scuff marks with mineral spirits.

Step 2: Allow the mineral spirits to dry.

Step 3: Polish the area.

Step 4: Wipe with oil and fine steel wool if you do not have mineral spirits.

Step 5: Wax with furniture wax.

Removing scuffs from hardwood flooring can be difficult because hardwood is very sensitive and if removed incorrectly, you could have devastating effects and farther damage your floors. If you have any questions or concerns before removing scuffs contact your local flooring distributor or manufacturer.

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