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Ambassador Offers Exclusive Deals on Exclusive Stainmaster Carpets

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Stainmaster is a highly reputable carpet manufacturer, and to protect their reputation and their product, they don’t let just anyone carry their products. Their Ultra Life line of carpeting is one of their best carpets, complete with a 20 year warranty, and is only approved for sale from specific retailers. Ambassador Floor Company is one […]

Stainmaster Presents Its Eco-Friendly Alternative

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Ambassador Floor Company supports green initiatives. That is why we are proud to announce that our Stainmaster products come from an company equally committed to going green. GreenLiving with Stainmaster is an effort to provide quality, sustainable products for its clients. Stainmaster has implemented green practices throughout the creation and distribution process: -In manufacturing, Stainmaster […]

Choose Stainmaster Vinyl Flooring for High-Traffic Areas

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Think vinyl flooring is a thing of the past? Think again. Advances in flooring technology have lead to the creation of super-durable, comfortable, and stylish vinyl flooring options that are perfect for high-traffic areas of the home such as entryways, kitchens, mudrooms, and bathrooms. Stainmaster resilient vinyl flooring adds another layer of protection with its […]

How To Extend Stainmaster Carpet Warranty

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Did you know you can extend the limited warranty on your Stainmaster carpet just by selecting Stainmaster carpet padding at installation or after? It’s easy to justify selecting a standard carpet pad because it isn’t visible, but investing in an top-quality carpet pad can increase the lifespan and comfort of your carpet. Plus, Stainmaster carpet […]

6 Popular Stainmaster Carpet Styles

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Stainmaster carpets are a favorite for low-maintenance homes, and homeowners can choose from a variety of carpet styles to suit their design preferences. These styles refer to how carpet is created using cutting and other treatments. Each style offers a different comfort level suitable for different areas of the home. Here are six popular Stainmaster […]


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Carpets, whether they are synthetic or natural are made from fibers that are converted to yarn and piled to create the surface you work on.  There are five major types of carpet fiber, nylon 6,6, nylon 6, polypropylene (olefin), polyester and wool. STAINMASTER® carpet uses only the most durable and wear-resistant of all fibers, nylon […]

STAINMASTER Holiday Cleaning Tips

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With the holidays quickly approaching, many homeowners are worried about spills and foot traffic staining their flooring.  To help the experts at STAINMASTER Carpets have put together a full list of maintenance and stain removal tips. From candles to cranberry sauce STAINMASTER has it covered! For candle wax: Dry Cleaning Fluid Solution Use non-flammable dry […]

STAINMASTER Design Is As Easy As 1 -2– 3

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At the Ambassador Floor Company’s STAINMASTER FLOORING CENTER designing a new look for your home is a simple as 1- 2- 3.  We want to make the your as easy as possible and we want you to leave feeling confident that you have selected a carpet that will fit your style and needs that will […]

Why Visit Ambassadors Floors’ STAINMASTER Flooring Center

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We’ve been asked many times about what separates STAINMASTER carpets at Ambassador Floor Company from other carpet dealers in the St. Louis area.  And the answer is that we have selected by STAINMASTER to be a member of the STAINMASTER FLOORING CENTER® showroom network. This means we have the largest selection of STAINMASTER carpets and […]

Stainmaster Color Guide

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When redesigning or remodeling your home, how much thought do you put into the color palette? We sure that many homeowners what stylish or trendy colors.  But did you know that the color you select for your walls, furniture and floors can influence your mood.  The STAINMASTER style blog posted how colors affect you mood, […]