Mix Different Flooring Materials to Define not Divide

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It is good to know how to define an area in a room without dividing it from the rest of the space. The best way to achieve this in a particular room of your home is to mix flooring materials in the same space. Sound a little taboo? Not at all. Take a look at a few beautiful spaces Ambassador Floor Company found on Houzz.com that illustrate this design choice perfectly.

Photo via Houzz.com


Photo via Houzz.com


Photo via Houzz.com

Mixing flooring materials is also great for the bathroom, front entry, hallway or any other room that has a need for a defined space. Also, you may have to mix flooring materials in a room if there is a particular area that comes into contact with moisture often. Like right in front of doors, under the bath tub, or in the kitchen in front of the sink.

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