Product Spotlight: Natural Stone

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Adda Blend (Brick-Joint Polished Mosaic)

This brick jointed polished mosaic, Adda Blend by Daltile, is a wonderful decorative accent for a kitchen or bathroom backsplash. Marble is a natural stone that is a metamorphic rock of crystallized limestone that consists mainly of calcite or dolomite.  It is a fine  material to add elegance to your home.

Learn more about this product in Daltile’s Marble Collection here or visit our website to view more natural stone products here.
Adda Blend (Brick-Joint Polished Mosaic)

Decorating the French Provincial Kitchen

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5119306_SWhen it comes to decorative terms, “French Provincial” is more or less “French Country”. This style of interior decoration from the French Provinces came to the fore during the 17th and 18th centuries. Decorating the French provincial kitchen entails rough and whitewashed walls or smooth walls that are covered in beautiful wallpaper.

Using painted furniture isn’t uncommon, and straw woven seats can be a great addition to the kitchen table. One thing that makes this pattern of decoration unique and popular is the adoption of bright fabrics, which could range from tiny floral designs to wide paisley designs.

To achieve that traditional kitchen look while decorating the French provincial kitchen, the walls of the kitchen are painted in warm and milky white. What if white is not your favorite color? No need to fret, you can alternatively go for violet blue, muddied sea green, washed out ocher yellow, or even light gray.

Remember, think of a bright kitchen with a light feeling.  Using a chandelier for lighting above the island is a great idea and will add another depth of design to the kitchen.

Backsplash Tile Pattern Preference

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Out of these four patterns, which do you prefer the most?  Think of how you would want a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom.  Leave your favorite pick in the comment box below!

Shopping the Global Market

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VaseandplatesIncorporating pieces from around the world into your décor can bring a touch of global style to your home. Whether you use souvenirs from your own global travels or buy pieces at the global market or flea market, adding global style can also add personal style to your home. Ethnic furniture, mirrors, objects, textiles, rugs and art are all things that can be bought on vacation or found near home. You can choose one country or area of the world to focus on, like Asian or African style, or mix items from around the world for a truly global décor.

Big pieces like tables and stools are probably not easy to get home from your vacation. Look for these at the global market or discount home retailers that carry a selection of imported furniture and objects.  Easier to pick up when you’re traveling are small objects like bowls and vases that can be displayed on a shelf or table.

Textiles are a wonderful way to bring a little global style into your décor. Fabrics like wall hangings, table cloths, napkins and placemats are all portable. These can be kept as is or used to make custom pillow covers for throw pillows.  Other textiles like rugs might be difficult to get on the plane. Again, look for these at retailers near you or online.  A Moroccan rug or a rug from Turkey can be a colorful way to add global style to your floors.

Shopping the global market can also save you money. Many imports can be found at fantastic prices. Great style for low cost is always a great design find.

Trend Spotting: Barn Wood

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15551355_SBarn wood is a big trend in so many aspects of design. We’ve been seeing barn wood on blogs used as flooring, furniture and even paneling on walls. Typically recycled from old barns the popularity of barn wood is on the rise so there are new products that capture the look and feel of the reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood overall is a big design trend. The appeal of upcycling and recycling old wood appeals to those who embrace the green furniture and products movement. Reclaimed wood tables, headboards, bookshelves and benches can be found in designs from contemporary to farmhouse and many styles in between.  Amongst the most popular of the reclaimed woods is barn wood.  The weathered and aged wood has distinctive character that embraces the knots and flaws in the wood.

For cabinetry and furniture, barn wood is sometimes used in a more raw form with old paint and rough surface left intact. Barn wood can be found being used in built-in and freestanding furniture. The versatility of barn wood is one of the reasons it is so popular.

Look for the term reclaimed or barn wood in product descriptions.  This solid wood has proven it can withstand the tests of time and weather should it should be able to hold up to everyday life in the home.

Let it Snow!

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16293188_SHow are you spending the holidays?  We hope you’re surrounded with people you care about and are enjoying the season!

If you’re on a holiday break with the kids and need to figure out activities to keep them busy, take a look at the five ideas for this winter.  There are options for whether you’re enjoying the weather outside or trying stay warm inside:

  1. Snowflakes: Create a craft table in the kitchen and cut out snowflakes with the kids that you hang around the house.  They can decorate them however they want; like adding glitter or drawing pictures.
  2. Sledding: Make it a family affair and find a hill nearby that you can go sledding down.
  3. Build a snowman: Grab an old scarf, a carrot, and some coal.  If you don’t have coal lying around the house, you can try using spare buttons or use Oreo cookies.
  4. Craft a snowman: If you can’t go outside and build a snowman from snow, make it into a craft for the kids.  They can cut out the snowman and accessories to create their very own, special snowman!
  5. Snow fort: If you’re outside, help the kids make their very own snow fort and/or house.  If you’re inside, make a fort with blankets and chairs.  You can read holiday stories and they can play with their new toys inside.

Living in the Living Room

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Our living rooms are often more than just a place to watch television and entertain guests.  For many of us, we do most of our living at home in the living room. These rooms become a media room, home office, dining room and sometimes even a guest room.  While we might not admit it, many Americans eat dinner while watching TV in the living room or family room.  The design trend to open concept spaces that incorporate kitchen, dining and living spaces means more and more of us are spending most of our time at home in one room.

Creating a décor that can work with all these different activities is key.  Furniture arrangements, flooring and materials should all be selected to stand up to the heavy use and high traffic of today’s living rooms. Sectional sofas allow seating for many in a single piece of furniture. Coffee tables that are also ottomans can multi-task as game tables, dining tables and extra seating.

Wireless routers and laptops mean we can telecommute from any room in the home. And more than one family member can be online at a time… so the sofa can become a home office, socializing center and homework space.

Living room flooring should be durable to stand up to all the demands we place on the room.  Stain resistant and stain repellant are key for carpets in high traffic areas.  Hardwood and other hard surfaces are durable but it is nice to have something softer for impromptu lounging on the floor. If you do have hard surfaced flooring, try adding an area rug.

Design Inspiration: The Caribbean

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Aqua blue seas, white crystal beaches and green jungles are the colors of a postcard from the Caribbean. The Caribbean has long been a fantasy destination for beach vacations and cruises. The crystal clear waters and balmy warm breezes inspire a relaxed vacation lifestyle, and aesthetic.  Caribbean design inspiration can be used to bring a little of the islands home to you.

Caribbean design embraces the natural beauty of the islands and island cultures. Bright sunny pastels and hues inspired by the ever changing color of the sea decorate everything from houses to floors and fashion.  Even the food and drinks of the Caribbean are filled with rich color and exotic spices.

Along with the colors inspired by the natural landscape of the Caribbean, Caribbean style has a long history of being influenced by European designs. Many island nations in the Caribbean are former colonies of England, France and The Netherlands so it makes sense that those cultures would leave their influence behind. The British Colonial style is perhaps the most well known of the styles that combine colonial and European influences.

British Colonial style takes the standard forms of European furniture and translates them into relaxed island style. The furniture tends to be bulkier and less refined than the original. Wool and silk rugs are replaced with cotton rugs as well as sisals and jutes. Color palettes tend to be natural neutrals with lots of white. Aquas and greens inspired by the sea and jungle are common accent colors, as are dusty pinks and soft oranges.

Creating Family Traditions

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Creating traditions is important for a family, especially in today’s busy go-go-go lifestyle. Simple things like a movie or game night can bring the family together in the same room at the same time.  Weekly family nights are great for checking in and creating memories.  Another wonderful suggestion for a family focused activity is cooking together.

Even if you are not a chef, making a meal together is a great way to bring the family together.  Making something in the kitchen can be cooking a full meal or baking cookies. Coming together and doing an activity is what is most important.  Sharing recipes that have been handed down in your family makes these moments even more special.  Making grandma’s lasagna or an aunt’s famous oatmeal cookies is a nice way to keep memories alive.

Today’s kitchen designs are great for family cooking nights.  The kitchen countertops–the island–can be a great prep area as well as a place to sit and watch the action.  Gathering everyone together in the kitchen to eat the meal or sweets extends the togetherness.

For little kids, they can help with prep or dough making.  If you are making something messy, you might want to put down something like a drop cloth or plastic to protect the kitchen floor. If messes do occur, wipe them up before they set to avoid stains.

Once a week or once a month, a family cooking night can a shared event that everyone looks forward to. Making your own tacos or pizzas is a good place to start for the non-chefs.