Protect your Hardwood Floors against Scratching from Furniture

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When it comes to your beautiful hardwood floors, you want to do everything you can to keep that gorgeous shine and radiant finish as visually pleasing as possible. That means protecting it against nicks and scratches that can come from home necessities like your own furniture. People tend to forget that even though you have your furniture carefully placed in a room, there will be instances were furniture will be moved. Whether being moved to give the room a new look or accidentally by the children, dog or a guest, those chair and sofa legs can scratch the hardwood.

Here are a few tips to protect against such damage:

  • Place your furnishings on decorative area rugs.
  • Put felt pads on the bottom of the chair or sofa legs. Make sure to keep pads free of dirt.
  • When moving heavy furniture pieces, place a blanket and a piece of plywood under the item to protect the floor.

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