Spruce Up the Patio for Spring

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Springtime is the time to renew your home, inside and out. The goal is to clean it well and add pops of color, perfect for spring! Even if the cold lingers, spring is in the air and around the corner.  Find out how to freshen up your patio space and have your patio ready when the warm weather arrives.

Clean patio furniture thoroughly. There is a chance that mold has grown on patio furniture that has been sitting out in the elements. Use a mild dish soap and warm water with an abrasive sponge to clean off all the buildup. Rinse them clean by spraying them down with the hose. A pressurized nozzle will work best for this.

Add a pop of color by adding brightly colored pots with vibrantly colored flowers. A helpful tip for potted flowers is to add crumple up newspaper to the bottom half of the pot. Next cover the newspaper with potting soil. This will make you planters lighter and easier to move, as well not using up a ton of potting soil.

Also add color by purchasing some new indoor/outdoor accent pillows for the furniture. Accent pillows bring fun and color to the outdoor living space. Lay down an indoor/outdoor rug that has a fun geometric pattern or print. Outdoor rugs transform outdoor spaces into a comfortable place where you want to take your shoes off and relax. The best outdoor rugs are made from natural or synthetic fibers that allow water to drip right through. These rugs do not have a backing on them (as the backing would not permit water to pass through the rug).

Feel free to spray paint old planters for a bright new finish. This will make any old planters look new again. If you are using the typical white, plastic patio furniture, you may want to hit them with the spray paint as well. Make sure to clean them well before. Make sure to lightly sand them with sandpaper before spray painting them.

Buy new cushions for outdoor furniture. Unless you have well-made indoor/outdoor cushions, most likely it is time to upgrade these items. The goal is to renew your patio space. This is achieved by cleaning and adding pops of color throughout!

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