Stainmaster Color Guide

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When redesigning or remodeling your home, how much thought do you put into the color palette? We sure that many homeowners what stylish or trendy colors.  But did you know that the color you select for your walls, furniture and floors can influence your mood.  The STAINMASTER style blog posted how colors affect you mood, take a look at what color psychologists say about how color affects our id.

  • White = Relaxing
  • Blue = Peaceful
  • Yellow = Optimistic
  • Red = Dynamic
  • Green = Soothing
  • Purple = Mysterious
  • Orange = Energizing
  • Remember the use of color applies to all the elements in your home; walls, floor, furniture, accessories and even what we see outside from the inside. It is the successful combination of colors that dictates how we feel personally.

    Variations of these hues; values, tints, tones and shades can be intimidating but understanding our own color comfort level and exploring that element is even more important to using color in our home.

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