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Glass Shelves in the Bathroom

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Glass shelves are a versatile storage option for the bathroom.  Glass shelves can be hung throughout the bathroom. In smaller spaces like a bathroom the glass will take up less visual space than a wood or painted shelf.


Glass shelves virtually disappear into the wall behind them. If you use a floating shelf design like in this bathroom, the shelf will blend in with whatever is behind it. This allows your beautiful backsplash to be uninterrupted by the shelf. This is important when you have an intricate pattern like a mosaic or border.


Tempered glass is always a good idea in a bathroom for a shelf or a shower door. Tempered glass will not shatter into shards, which can be dangerous in a bathroom with its tile or wood floor.  If you have a glass shower surround, glass shelving in the room can unify the design.


Glass shelves can be hung above the toilet as well as above the vanity.  You can vary the depth of the shelf depending on its use and placement in the bathroom. Thicker shelves can be used to store extra toilet paper, jars of Qtips and cotton balls, or even extra washcloths and hand towels in neat rolls. Smaller shelves can hold toothbrushes and toothpaste.


No matter the material you choose for shelves in the bathroom, make sure you secure them to the wall with the proper screws for your wall type. Going into a stud is always a good idea when hanging a shelf that will hold any weight.

Add Drama to your Home Interiors

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People notice lighting when they walk into a room; it creates the ambiance of the space. Lighting doesn’t have to be complicated or excessive to be noticeable and dramatic. In fact, simple lighting choices can go a long way in home decor, if they are done right.

1. Start by thinking outside of the box. Add unique light fixtures to normally utilitarian rooms.

2. Hang a pendant light above your kitchen sink or bar; place a lamp in your bathroom, as the main source of light, to soften the feel of the room.

3. Add character to bedrooms by scaling down the number of basic light fixtures there are, and adding one unique fixture.

4. A dining room can be transformed into a place of wonder with the simple addition of a hanging light or chandelier above the table.

Decor can be fun and whimsical when lighting is used artistically. Even simple-but-well-placed fixtures can make a dramatic difference in both how the room looks and feels.

Ambassador Floor Company is getting rid of all home accessories and lighting fixtures in stock. Hurry to our showroom to pick out a few lamps and lighting fixtures for your home before they are all gone!


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vinyl in a tile pattern

Make Your Well-Lived In Spaces Beautiful With Durable Flooring

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That worn out, white floral patterned linoleum that you have in your mudroom just doesn’t cut it when compared to the rest of your interior. Why do we settle for less style in rooms that require a little more TLC? There’s no reason why your mudroom, entry way, or workroom can’t have beautiful flooring, too.

vinyl in a tile pattern

This tile-like vinyl has the look of old world tile with the durability of vinyl. "Cantina" from the Resilient Line from Mannington, available at Ambassador.

Vinyl flooring has come a long way since the white floral pattern days. It now mimics the look of hardwood, fine tile, bamboo, and other surfaces while holding up to all of the wear and tear you offer it. It’s still easy to clean and manage, with many more options available as far as look and design go.

Ambassador Floor Company has a selection of vinyl flooring (and luxury vinyl soon to come) that can look great in any space. Contact us today to learn more about the new products that are on the market and how they’ll work in your well-lived laundry room, mud room, or entry.

people with mohawks

Mohawk Carpet Goes Social With an iPhone App

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Mohawk Screen Shot of the iPhone App

Download the applications so that you can...

It seems like there is an app for everything, and carpeting did not want to feel left out. Mohawk is leading the industry with their social media programs and approaches, and, in keeping pace with their progress, they’ve just launched their own iPhone application.

Shopping for flooring materials can be a bit stressful for some, as picking the right color, design, and warranty level can be a little daunting with the large number of choices available at Ambassador Floor Company. To give you a little stress relief and to give your mind a short break during the design process, Mohawk’s app, “Mohawk ME!” will put a mohawk on anyone’s face photo, so you can see what you would look like as a rock star. The application is not only good for stress relief, but can also keep get your creative mind going while you’re designing the perfect living room or bedroom with Mohawk carpet.

The new application will also go towards connecting Mohawk to an entire new category of customers, the “digital generation.” If you’re wondering what a mohawk hairstyle has to do with carpeting, then you have to try out the application. There are 8 mohawks to choose from; after you make your choice, the application matches you with one of Mohawk’s products, basing their selection on your style and taste in a mohawk. (More traditional clients can always use Mohawk’s RooMMate program for suggestions).

people with mohawks

...give your friends and family the perfect hairstyle and flooring suggestion!

The application is free and can be downloaded through Apple iTunes. Download the application, pick your mohawk, and then head to Ambassador Floor Company to check out the carpet that Mohawk suggested for your space in person.

color block Mohawk brand rug in a room with contemporary furniture.

Made in the USA: Mohawk Featured on ABC

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ABC World News recently did a story on items that are American made to show consumers where their goods come from. Diane Sawyer led the story. On their interactive “Made in America” map, you can see little stars all over the United States, signifying where each home-grown and developed business is located. You can sort through by clicking each star, or by selecting a category, such as “bedding”, “drapes”, “dressers”, etc.

In the carpet selection only one name pops out: Mohawk. Mohawk is stationed in Calhoun, Georgia, where it produces all of its rugs. As one of the largest flooring companies in the nation, Mohawk then provides a great amount of jobs and helps the American economy by keeping their booming business on the American shores.

color block Mohawk brand rug in a room with contemporary furniture.

Adding an American-made Mohawk rug to your space adds beauty and comfort.

If you like to use American made items in your home, don’t let the trend stop at household goods. You can find a nice selection of Mohawk products at Ambassador Floor Company, so that your carpet can be red, white, and blue (figuratively or literally) too.

Bedroom with espresso and tan color scheme and carpet

Ambassador Offers Exclusive Deals on Exclusive Stainmaster Carpets

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Bedroom with espresso and tan color scheme and carpet

Ambassador is the only St Louis retailer to carry Stainmaster Ultra Life.

Stainmaster is a highly reputable carpet manufacturer, and to protect their reputation and their product, they don’t let just anyone carry their products. Their Ultra Life line of carpeting is one of their best carpets, complete with a 20 year warranty, and is only approved for sale from specific retailers. Ambassador Floor Company is one of the companies, and the only one in the St Louis area, that Stainmaster trusts to carry this line.

The Ultra Life carpet matches durability with comfort and style, by packing an enhanced stain warranty with a texture warranty, ensuring that your carpet stays beautiful throughout its lifetime. In addition, it is also one of Stainmaster’s thickest and most luxurious lines, making it comfortable for you and your family as you walk, crawl, or play.

As detailed in the video above, Ambassador is offering a special on Stainmaster carpets, helping you save up to $500 on your carpet selection. The sale is only during the month of March, so be sure to hurry in to take advantage of it. You can find our showroom at 17770 Chesterfield Airport Road, or call us at 636-728-1600.

Ambassador Floor Company to Offer 2011 Coverings Exhibition Products

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Ambassador Flooring seeks out top-of-the-line products to suite all of your flooring needs.

The 2011 Coverings Exhibition is set to take place March 14-17, 2011 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center. The expo showcases the best in tile and stone products and provides the ideal venue for networking among tile and stone industry professionals.

The exhibit will showcase indoor and outdoor materials as well as adhesives, machinery, and tools of the trade.

Below is a sampling of what visitors can expect to see at this year’s event:

ABK presents Woodway, a porcelin gres tile that imperceptible resembles wooden planks using the best in tile glazing technology.

Casamood’s Nera emulates lava stone in a variety of sizes, plus strips and decorations.

Ezarri goes green with its recycled glass mosaic tiles. Patterns include iridescent, fade-out, skid-resistant, metallic and more.

FloorGres introduces Geotec inspired by volcanic fossil wood stone from the exotic island of Madeira, perfect for exterior spaces.

Granada Tile summons drama through its new, bold, black and white graphic decorations. These cement tiles are sure to be eye catching.

Land Porcelanico pays homeage to the motherland in its new series Jamtland. Its rugged and rich design represents Swedish stonework at its best.

Rex will offer 8 colors of rustic fired brick-inspired Unique, seamlessly bridging traditional and modern design.

SICIS goes digital, offering PixALL mosaics with a pixilated image effect. The tiles provide a modern twist exterior and interior spaces.

These are only a fraction of the diverse and state-of-the-art-offerings at Coverings 2011 Expo that we aim to offer. Contact us at 636.728.1600 for more details, or visit

How To Extend Stainmaster Carpet Warranty

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Did you know you can extend the limited warranty on your Stainmaster carpet just by selecting Stainmaster carpet padding at installation or after? It’s easy to justify selecting a standard carpet pad because it isn’t visible, but investing in an top-quality carpet pad can increase the lifespan and comfort of your carpet. Plus, Stainmaster carpet pads have other built-in features that are designed to complement Stainmaster carpets such as a breathable moisture barrier that:

  • “Keeps most common household spills from penetrating the cushion and subfloor
  • Makes clean-up easy, which helps to stop reappearing stains on the carpet
  • Helps to protect the cushion from mold and mildew formation by allowing damaging water vapors to pass through the cushion and evaporate” –

Check out this You Tube video that explains more about the benefits of selecting Stainmaster carpet cushion:

Contact Ambassador Flooring Company in Chesterfield, Mo., to purchase Stainmaster carpet and carpet cushion.

2011 Home Fabrics Trends

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The biggest international home fabrics trade show, Heimtextil, was held last week in Cologne, Germany. During the show, a panel of designers and trend forecasters unveiled the latest trends in home fabrics. Home fabrics includes carpets, throw pillows, curtains, etc. The terms used to describe the home fabrics trends include:

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Sobriety or traditional patterns and manufacturing techniques with a focus on quality craftsmanship.

Mix Mash or a blend of international-inspired designs with bright colors and ethnic motifs

Utility or simple yet advanced, high-performance textiles

Wilderness or texture-rich organic-looking fabrics for a rustic look

These guiding design styles reflect today’s current philosophies and tastes as well as economic situation and consumer preference. They extend beyond home fabrics and can be seen in all types of home decor.

Check out Ambassador Flooring Company’s “For the Home” section for the lastest home fabrics and decor.

Nourison Wins Carpet Industry Award and Introduces New Collections

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Nourison has received one of the industry’s coveted America’s Magnificent Carpets Award for its Miami broadloom carpet collection at the Atlanta International Area Rug Market featuring the National Oriental Rug Show, the world’s largest single collection of area rugs.

The Miami collection is made with Nourison’s exclusive Woolsoft™ fiber for softness and durability and is face-to-face woven on state-of-the-art Wilton looms. The colleciton features specially dyed yarns for an antique ‘abrash’ effect and a “revolutionary ‘hand-embossing’ technique for textural depth. Contemporary patterns in neutral tones make the Miami collection versatile yet sophisticated.

Nourison has also unveiled three new are rug collections in contemporary patterns and styles that are sure to be popular for today’s modern homes.

Visit Ambassador Flooring Company in Chesterfield, Mo., to check out the latest Nourison carpets and area rugs available.