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Create a sitting area with the right rug

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If you have a large room in your home where you need to divide up the space, why not create a sitting area? It is quite simple to do, all you need is an area rug, a few chairs and a small table. Depending on the style of your home, you want to select an area rug that has either a lighter color or a soft pattern that is in the same color scheme as the rest of the room. This rug will define the sitting area by setting the space apart from the rest of the room.

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When decorating the sitting area with furniture, it is more common to have the front legs of each chair on the rug, or if the rug is large enough, to place all four legs of each chair on the rug. Just be mindful that you want to have less that two feet of empty rug space behind the furniture. This is the most common decorating arrangement in sitting areas because it allows the people seated in the chairs to have both feet on the rug.

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