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Selecting the right Basement Floor

Written by creatingyourspace on . Posted in Design Tips

If you are remodeling your basement, chances are you are looking for the right flooring to include in the space. There are quite a few options that are available to you when deciding upon a basement floor. But the key to selecting a basement floor is looks and flooring materials that suit the design of the space.

Laminate Basement Floor. Photo Credit:

If you plan on converting your basement into a bedroom, a good flooring choice would be ceramics or vinyl tiles. But if you are going for a remodel that is grander, natural flooring like granite can be considered. Or perhaps your basement is being converted into a play room or family room, then hardwood floors could be a better pick. However, you may want to use an area rug to add a more decorative touch to the family room. Carpeting is also good for a family room or playroom.

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