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The Comfort and Luxury of Wool Carpeting

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Now that the cool air of fall is sending that slight chill into your home, wool carpeting sounds quite nice right about now. That is because as a carpet fiber, wool is a great option for more than one reason. Wool carpeting will not only hide soil, but it will also respond more favorably to most standard commercial cleaning methods. The true wear life of well-constructed and properly cared for wool carpeting is up to 20 years or more. Wool also has the best affinity for dyes out of any other carpet fiber, allowing for more luxurious, richer and deeper colors.

But one of the most appealing factors of wool carpet is that it is non-flammable and non-allergenic which makes it a very safe choice. The only negative of wool carpeting is that it does come with a heftier price tag, but that is expected of such a luxury product.

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Carpet is still a Great Flooring Choice!

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Although hardwood floors are delightful to have in the home and are quite popular, that still does not mean carpeting is not a good flooring choice. Carpeting can offer your home many benefits that other flooring materials do not. Take a look at a few advantages that carpeting has over other flooring choices:

An Insulator

Carpet and carpet padding provide additional insulation between the floors of your home.


If you are tired of getting out of bed and touching a cold floor, carpeting provides you with underfoot warmth that is comfortable and stylish.

Sound Reduction

Don’t always want to hear everyone’s footsteps in the middle of the night? Carpeting helps to reduce noise levels from foot traffic, and dampens noise by absorbing airborne sound and blocking transmission of sound between floors.

Design Flexibility

Because carpeting comes in a variety of colors and textures, it makes endless design opportunities for any room.

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