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Patterned Carpeting adds a Unique Touch

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Do you need to add a little more design interest to your home interiors, but don’t know where to begin? Ambassador Floor Company suggests you start with the floor. Carpet with unique patterns can really bring in a boost of color and design to any space. No longer are we stuck with unimaginative carpet designs that don’t add anything to the beauty of our home interiors. The right carpeting can tie together the entire space beautifully and make quite an impression in the home.


Photo via Pinterest


Photo via Pinterest


Photo via pinterest

Are you looking for the right patterned carpeting for your St. Louis area home? If so, contact¬†Ambassador Floor Company¬†in Chesterfield, MO. We can’t wait to help you find the right floor covering that will make your home interiors come alive.


Bedroom with espresso and tan color scheme and carpet

Ambassador Offers Exclusive Deals on Exclusive Stainmaster Carpets

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Bedroom with espresso and tan color scheme and carpet

Ambassador is the only St Louis retailer to carry Stainmaster Ultra Life.

Stainmaster is a highly reputable carpet manufacturer, and to protect their reputation and their product, they don’t let just anyone carry their products. Their Ultra Life line of carpeting is one of their best carpets, complete with a 20 year warranty, and is only approved for sale from specific retailers. Ambassador Floor Company is one of the companies, and the only one in the St Louis area, that Stainmaster trusts to carry this line.

The Ultra Life carpet matches durability with comfort and style, by packing an enhanced stain warranty with a texture warranty, ensuring that your carpet stays beautiful throughout its lifetime. In addition, it is also one of Stainmaster’s thickest and most luxurious lines, making it comfortable for you and your family as you walk, crawl, or play.

As detailed in the video above, Ambassador is offering a special on Stainmaster carpets, helping you save up to $500 on your carpet selection. The sale is only during the month of March, so be sure to hurry in to take advantage of it. You can find our showroom at 17770 Chesterfield Airport Road, or call us at 636-728-1600.