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3 Unique Outdoor Flooring Ideas

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Your outdoor flooring is just as important as your indoor flooring, especially in the spring and summer since you will be spending more time outdoors. Here are 3 creative outdoor flooring options that will have your home’s outdoor environment looking just as stylish as the floors indoors.

1. Pavers


Concrete pavers are very versatile because they come in different patterns, shapes and colors. If you have an interesting floor design in mind, pavers are a great option for you to explore the design possibilities.

2. Ceramic


This gorgeous patio has ceramic outdoor flooring that give it the same elegance and style as any indoor space.

3. Mosaic

Photo: Commune Design via

The Mosaic tile floor in this outdoor courtyard ties the entire outdoor room together beautifully. Remember that your entertaining outdoor areas need that extra boost of great design that makes the space inviting and visually interesting.

Need more flooring choices for your St. Louis area home? Contact Ambassador Floor Company at 636-728-1600.

Balinese interior with mixed textures and woods

Eat, Pray, and Love Your New Space With Hardwoods

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If you love chart topping reads, or just enjoy a good trip to the movies, chances are you’ve seen or read Eat Pray Love. Two of the inspiring places that Elizabeth Gilbert (played by Julia Roberts) visits are India and Bali, Indonesia. Both countries have amazing design influences that fit perfectly with Summer 2011’s style, but that will be able to stand the test of time in your space. Take inspiration from this pictures from the movie and from this interior from Bali incorporate the ease, freshness, and style from the story into your home.

Scene with Julia Roberts from Eat, Pray, Love

In this scene, Roberts/Gilbert is surrounded by natural textures that vary slightly in color but culminate into a cohesive, relaxed environment.

In the picture above, pay attention to the fibers around Roberts. Muted blues in her seat and the pillow behind her combine with light natural shades, along with the darker hues of the lamp’s post. Below, a Balinese interior also mixes natural hues in wood and rugs:

Balinese interior with mixed textures and woods

In this space, various shades and textures of wood and natural fibers mix together to form an oasis.

You can create a natural oasis like those in these two photos in your home by installing hardwood from Ambassador Floor Company. To create the same eclectic mix of textures, incorporate natural toned rugs and carpeting from the store, or use a different but complementary shade of natural tones in your decor.

Eat, Pray, Love photo via Colour Me Happy. Balinese interior via Google Images.