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Living in the Living Room

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Our living rooms are often more than just a place to watch television and entertain guests.  For many of us, we do most of our living at home in the living room. These rooms become a media room, home office, dining room and sometimes even a guest room.  While we might not admit it, many Americans eat dinner while watching TV in the living room or family room.  The design trend to open concept spaces that incorporate kitchen, dining and living spaces means more and more of us are spending most of our time at home in one room.

Creating a décor that can work with all these different activities is key.  Furniture arrangements, flooring and materials should all be selected to stand up to the heavy use and high traffic of today’s living rooms. Sectional sofas allow seating for many in a single piece of furniture. Coffee tables that are also ottomans can multi-task as game tables, dining tables and extra seating.

Wireless routers and laptops mean we can telecommute from any room in the home. And more than one family member can be online at a time… so the sofa can become a home office, socializing center and homework space.

Living room flooring should be durable to stand up to all the demands we place on the room.  Stain resistant and stain repellant are key for carpets in high traffic areas.  Hardwood and other hard surfaces are durable but it is nice to have something softer for impromptu lounging on the floor. If you do have hard surfaced flooring, try adding an area rug.

Selecting furniture for the family room and living room

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When you have decided to move into a new home or remodel the interiors of your current home, choosing the right furniture for the family and living room are very important.

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Family Room. When you are looking for furniture appropriate for the family room, you may want to go more casual and useful. If you have kids and pets, they will more than likely be utilizing the room more than anyone else. For those who have pets, leather furniture may not be the best, because if your cat has not been declawed or your dog likes to chew on furniture, the slightest scratch could make a huge difference. You probably want to consider fabrics that are easy to clean and durable.

Living Room. Furniture for your living room will probably be more fancy and less useful than your family room furniture. This is the space where you will go to entertain guests and display more precious decorative items. Keep in mind though, you still want the room to match you and your family’s lifestyle.

Once you have found furniture you like, get physical with it, sit down on it, feel the seams – are they finished properly? You want to make sure that before you take it home, it is exactly what you want and need.

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