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Shopping the Global Market

Written by creatingyourspace on . Posted in Design Tips

VaseandplatesIncorporating pieces from around the world into your décor can bring a touch of global style to your home. Whether you use souvenirs from your own global travels or buy pieces at the global market or flea market, adding global style can also add personal style to your home. Ethnic furniture, mirrors, objects, textiles, rugs and art are all things that can be bought on vacation or found near home. You can choose one country or area of the world to focus on, like Asian or African style, or mix items from around the world for a truly global décor.

Big pieces like tables and stools are probably not easy to get home from your vacation. Look for these at the global market or discount home retailers that carry a selection of imported furniture and objects.  Easier to pick up when you’re traveling are small objects like bowls and vases that can be displayed on a shelf or table.

Textiles are a wonderful way to bring a little global style into your décor. Fabrics like wall hangings, table cloths, napkins and placemats are all portable. These can be kept as is or used to make custom pillow covers for throw pillows.  Other textiles like rugs might be difficult to get on the plane. Again, look for these at retailers near you or online.  A Moroccan rug or a rug from Turkey can be a colorful way to add global style to your floors.

Shopping the global market can also save you money. Many imports can be found at fantastic prices. Great style for low cost is always a great design find.