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Ceramic Tile: Environmentally Friendly

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Green, green, green! Ever since the collective social conscience has begun to fully concur on the importance of environmentally friendly design, the word ‘green’ has been the ultimate buzzword in exterior and interior home design. Builders now show a strong preference for environmentally conscience materials, and tile is no exception. A favorite among these is ceramic tile. Not only does is it aesthetically pleasing, it can absolutely be incorporated into kitchen and bathroom design in a way that also helps ensure that our natural environment will remain beautiful for generations to come.

Ceramic tile boasts the fact that it is an excellent choice because it is ‘green’ from the beginning of its life all the way through completion of an interior design. Meaning, it is environmentally friendly from the mining process through final installation. This is due in part to the fact that the materials used are plentiful, and they are easy to mine and manufacture. In turn, this reduces fuel consumption and ensures that more precious resources aren’t consumed during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, many ceramic tiles feature recycled content which, as they say, ‘pays it forward’ when it comes to environmental impact.

Now, take into consideration that it can be expected to last at least 50 years! You want sustainability? Ceramic tile delivers to an impressive extent because it is a timeless design material that can be installed in arrangement that is classic and won’t ever look out of style. What about cleaning it, you ask? This is accomplished with ease using basic soap water. No need for caustic and toxic chemical cleaners to keep the tiles looking fabulous. 

If you’re initially shopping on your own, it’s easy to find environmentally-friendly ceramic tile because it will have a Green Squared label. Once you’re ready to get down to business, consult one of our experts and we’ll help you turn your vision into a reality!

Cozy Up with Affordable and Stylish Carpet

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Nothing beats the feeling of warm carpeting underfoot during the winter, and since carpet is one of the most cost-effective flooring surfaces out there, you won’t break the bank with a new look (and feel) for your home.

Besides being affordable, there are many stylish options available for carpet these days, including designer, eco-friendly, and stain-resistant options.

While hard surfaces for the home have grown in popularity, carpet remains the most popular option, accounting for more than 62% of the market. Even those laminate or hardwood floors can be warmed up with an area rug for a bit of warmth and style!

Check out all the carpet options at Ambassador Floor Company in Chesterfield to break that winter chill.

Shaw’s Post-Consumer Carpet Recycling

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We are proud to carry environmental friendly products like the Shaw’s Anso Nylon Carpeting, these are product that are both environmental save and improve the indoor air quality of our homes.

Labels found on Shaw’s carpet styles made from Anso® Nylon 6 feature information regarding the postconsumer recycled content, as well as the recyclability, of these products. Recycling of carpets made from Anso Nylon 6, as well as other carpets made from the same type of nylon, is made possible by Evergreen Nylon Recycling, Shaw’s Nylon 6 recycling operation in Augusta, Georgia. The Evergreen facility converts post-consumer Nylon 6 carpet back to its original starting material, caprolactam—the building block for Nylon 6 fiber. The caprolactam from Evergreen is mixed with new caprolactam during the manufacturing process, and new Anso nylon fiber is made. Although Anso Nylon 6 carpets contain nylon produced with Evergreen postconsumer caprolactam, the actual percent of recycled content in the product will vary from sample to sample.

Evergreen Nylon Recycling, Shaw’s nylon recycling operation in Augusta, Georgia, employs patented technology that converts post-consumer nylon carpet and recycles it back to its original material – the building block for nylon fiber. As a result of this technology, carpets of Nylon 6 are capable of being recycled into new carpet repeatedly without the loss of any aesthetic or performance properties.

Shaw has also partnered with several recycling companies to establish a collection network to bring more post-consumer carpeting to the Evergreen recycling centers.  Shaw hosts a number of recycling centers across the county, and Shaw is continuing to add more centers and grow their operations. The recycled content that Shaw is able to put into their products from this process represents a nationwide environmental benefit.

Visit our showroom to learn more about Shaw’s Anso Nylon 6 carpets.

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