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Hardwood Flooring 101

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When you decide to install hardwood flooring in your home, you should take time learn all you can about hardwood.  It’s good to know that even though these flooring are beautiful they are also strong, durable and functional floors.

Where can I install hardwood floor:
The answer is just about anywhere — put it in living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms and kitchens or any other room that you think you’d enjoy the beauty of wood flooring. In addition, you can install it directly onto concrete slabs, either on grade or above grade, and on conventional wood joist construction over a basement or a crawl space.

What type of finish is best for kitchens:
“Urethanes” finished are suggested for rooms that are often exposed to spills and stains, like kitchens. While it is strong, urethanes can ware through, and are costly to refinish.

What about prefinished hardwood flooring?

Prefinished or factory already finished means you’ll know exactly how your floor is going to look, and you can walk on it as soon as it is installed.

The only down side is that there is no room for mistakes during installation, because you can’t erase or refinish mistakes.

Is it tough to keep hardwood floors looking good?

Hardwood floor will stay looking great with regular maintenance, keep the floors clean and dust-free.

Use a dust mop and vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt, and use a hardwood cleaner with a dry mop to keep the flooring clean.

Contact a consultant at Ambassador Floor Company to help you select the perfect hardwood flooring for you home.

Mohawk ceramic tile in bathroom

3 Reasons To Love Mohawk Ceramic Tile

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  1. Variety: Mohawk has a large selection of floor tiles such as; Natural, Rustic, Slate, and Classic.  There are also tiles for mosaics, backsplashes and countertops.
  2. Mohawk tiles are eco-friendly: Mohawk manufacturers are energy efficient and last year Mohawk reused nearly 35 million pounds of internally generated waste fired tile to make new wall tile products.  Some ceramic tiles can be as high as 47 percent recycled materials.
  3. Durability: Mohawk ceramic tiles are suitable for all residential interiors and most commercial applications subject to high footwear traffic and scratching dirt. If properly maintained the ceramic tiles can last for years to come.

Mohawk ceramic tile in bathroom

Come by Ambassador Floor to check out Mohawk Ceramic Tiles for yourself.

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Remodeling- Start From The Floor Up

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All great ideas start from the ground up, and remodeling a room in your home is no different.  When designing or remodeling a room you want it to be inviting and functional, so don’t forget the floor.  The floor will set the tone for the room.  So whether you prefer the soft plush look of carpet, the bright color of hardwood or the long lasting style of a tile floor; the floor should pull the entire room together. There is nothing worst then a beautiful decorated room, wrecked by an out-of-date carpet or a poorly installed wood floor.

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Carpeting is the top floor-covering choice in the United States.  The single most important thing in choosing a carpet or rug is understand your lifestyle and select carpet that will stand up in places where it will get the most wear. The trick is to avoid abrupt transitions between areas. It’s more pleasing to stay with a basic tone and coordinate choices for continuity in texture and pattern.



Natural wood floors are beautiful, but also increase the value of your home. Hardwood floors are available in many colors and makes, such as cherry wood, walnut and laminate.  If you want to install new wood floors, be sure to choose a wood that meshes with the style of your home or the style you aim to create.


Ceramic tile outperforms and outlasts most other floor covering product.  Tile is a practicel flooring option for bathrooms and kitchens because of its durability. It also offers limitless design possibilities in color, style, shape and finish, giving you the opportunity to create a very personal design statement.

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