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4 Advantages of Cork Flooring

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The world is becoming more and more conscious of how we treat our environment. At home, people are choosing to go for better grade products that are earth friendly and easy to manage. Cork flooring is a wonderful flooring option for going green in the home for 4 reasons.

1. Cork floors are resistant to mold and bacteria growth, which results in a healthy environment for all in the home.

2. Cork floors are naturally anti-static and hypo-allergenic.

3. Cork floors are made from recycled pre-consumer cork that is leftover from the production of cork stoppers.

4. Cork floors are the most efficient non-conductors of heat reducing heat loss in rooms. Cork also retains body heat by reflecting the heat back through the feet.

Are you interested in cork floors for your St. Louis home? Ambassador Floor Company is here to help! Just give us a call at 636-728-1600. We can’t wait to help you make your home a healthier place to live.

5 Tips for a Well-Designed Room

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Of course you want your St. Louis home to be beautiful, comfortable and welcoming, but do you know how to achieve those results? For those who do not have a design education it can seem like an overwhelming task to decorate a room, but fortunately there are some great tips that can help you succeed. Take a look at some helpful ideas from House Beautiful to help you design your ideal home.

  • Create a seating area that encourages conversation. There’s nothing more awkward than an oddly-arranged seating area.
  • Include a coffee table that is both fun and functional. The coffee table is a great place to show off some interesting items or books, but remember to leave enough room that you and your guests can actually sit your beverage down!
  • It’s so important to make sure the flooring and wall color work together. A lighter colored tile, natural stone or luxury vinyl floor can work extremely well with a dark wall color, because the floor will reflect the light from above.

If you are ready to enhance your Chesterfield Valley home with beautiful new floors, come visit our showroom! Ambassador Floor Company carries a huge variety of carpet, laminate, luxury vinyl, natural stone, tile, vinyl, and wood, so you’re sure to find the flooring that’s just right for your home.

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The 2011 Top 3 Sustainable Flooring Trends

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No matter if you are selecting flooring for a new house or replacing the flooring in your current home, you should make sure you know the top trends in flooring for 2011. Sustainable flooring has been very big this year. From carpets to different woods, if it is environmentally friendly, it has been a hot commodity that many homeowners want the luxury of having in their homes. Here are the top three floors that have been setting the trend for 2011.

1. Bamboo flooring

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Since bamboo is considered a rapidly renewable resource, it has been a popular choice among the eco-conscious crowd.

2. Cork flooring

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Another eco-friendly flooring option is cork flooring. Cork is a “green” flooring choice because the process of harvesting cork does not harm the trees and the bark grows back in a few years.

3. Reclaimed Hardwood flooring

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If you are wondering why Reclaimed Hardwood flooring is environmentally friendly, it is because the wood is not new wood where trees had to be harvested. Reclaimed wood comes from a variety of sources that are refinished into flooring.

Looking for sustainable and trendy solutions for your new floor? Visit Ambassador Floor Company in Chesterfield.

Add Value To Your Home With Wood Floors

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Whether you are trying to remodel your home to make it easier to sell, or just want to do some upgrades to increase your enjoyment of it, there are plenty of small remodeling projects that you can do to add value to your home. Better Homes and Gardens has some great suggestions for projects that are relatively inexpensive and low-stress, yet add plenty of value to your home.

One of the best suggestions in the article (linked above) is to give your home a flooring facelift. Replace tired carpet or linoleum with beautiful wide plank wood flooring. Even if you can’t do the whole house, installing wood in the foyer and living room will make a huge difference.

At Ambassador Floor Company, we carry the best flooring brands in the industry in a variety of flooring options, and we take pride in providing top-notch customer service to homeowners all over the St. Louis area. For more information, visit our Chesterfield, Missouri showroom, or call us at 636.728.1600.

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Tips to Protect your Hardwood Floors

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When you have decided to enhance the beauty of your bedroom or home office with wood flooring , there are many way you can both protect the quality of your floor and add years to its luster and life. Here are a few tips that will help you do just that.

  • Place a throw rug in front of entrances and high traffic areas where tracking is likely to occur.
  • Furniture that is moved on a regular basis should have floor glides below each leg in order to prevent scratching and wear.
  • It is important that you do not wax the bottom of any furniture legs and avoid cleaning products that contain wax or a soap base.
  • Rubber, foam back or plastic mats can discolor hardwood floors.
  • If at all possible, avoid wearing high heeled shoes on wood floors.
  • In order to prevent slips, place area rugs on the floor that have approved vinyl rug underlay.

If you are in need of a new hardwood floor or furnishings for your St. Louis area home, visit Ambassador Flooring Company.

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Protect your Hardwood Floors against Scratching from Furniture

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When it comes to your beautiful hardwood floors, you want to do everything you can to keep that gorgeous shine and radiant finish as visually pleasing as possible. That means protecting it against nicks and scratches that can come from home necessities like your own furniture. People tend to forget that even though you have your furniture carefully placed in a room, there will be instances were furniture will be moved. Whether being moved to give the room a new look or accidentally by the children, dog or a guest, those chair and sofa legs can scratch the hardwood.

Here are a few tips to protect against such damage:

  • Place your furnishings on decorative area rugs.
  • Put felt pads on the bottom of the chair or sofa legs. Make sure to keep pads free of dirt.
  • When moving heavy furniture pieces, place a blanket and a piece of plywood under the item to protect the floor.

If you are in need of a new hardwood floor or furnishings for your St. Louis area home, visit Ambassador Flooring Company.

The Versatility of Laminate Flooring

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If you are looking for a versatile flooring option that is cost effective as well as beautiful, consider laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is versatile, affordable and durable. A favorite flooring choice among builders and interior designers, laminate flooring is appropriate for homes of all styles. Quite a bit of laminate flooring’s appeal comes from the fact that it is very versatile.

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If you desperately want a hardwood floor in your bathroom, you can have the look with laminate flooring. Using natural hardwood flooring products in areas like the kitchen and the bathroom would be potentially disastrous.  Laminate flooring allows you to have the look and feel of hardwood floors without worrying about moisture damage. Laminate floors are strong and moisture resistant so they would be perfect for these areas, as well as the laundry room too.

Are you interested in laminate flooring for your St. Louis area home? Contact Ambassador Floor Company at 636-728-1600.

Redesign Your Home from the Floor Up with Ambassador Floor Company

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Ambassador Floor is here to see you through from the beginning to the end of your redesign project.

Every once in a while we like to take the time on our blog to remind our amazing customers and new clientele about the various services we provide at Ambassador Floor Company. Spring is the perfect time to redesign your home or to begin a new build, so it’s important to be aware of all of the great services we offer so that you can get the best experience possible while remodeling or designing your home.

Our chief offering for your new space is your flooring. Whether you’re looking for plush, comfortable carpet or timeless and elegant hardwood, Ambassador flooring has it. We offer a wide selection of flooring materials so that we can help you find the perfect materials to match your lifestyle and your new space.

After you’ve selected your flooring, let Ambassador Floor Company help with interior design as well. Our For the Home department will help you find the perfect furnishings to fit your design aesthetic and to complete your space.

After you’ve designed your home, let Ambassador Floor Company help you maintain it. We can help you with repairs and cleaning to keep your materials in the best of shape for years to come. Learn more about us at our upcoming sales, like our For Women Only event.

bathroom tile

Flooring Loved By Apartment Therapy…And Ambassador Floor Company

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We love Apartment Therapy’s witty tips on home living and apartment dwelling and how to make the most of your style in either. Last month they featured their favorite up and coming flooring, and what they thought of it. We love the options, especially the wide plank wooden flooring or the wood grain options they chose.

bathroom tile

Apartment Therapy loves this tiny tile.

The tiny tile in the photo above makes a wonderful statement. If you’re not ready to go with tile that small, you can still find a statement look in our showroom so that you’re bathroom is bold and beautiful (no soap opera pun intended, though the bathroom is the place for soap).

wide plank hardwoods

These wide plank hardwood floors are bold and striking, with a nice natural touch.

Want to modernize your hardwoods? Wide planks are the latest look available. They add a rustic charm that is simultaneously modern so that they fit any decor and even add in on style.

What’s your favorite new flooring trend?

Photos via Apartment Therapy.

cut out the middle man

Cut Out The Middle Man With Ambassador Floor

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cut out the middle man

Cut out the middle man with Ambassador Floor.

While designing or re-designing your home, there are so many people to talk to regarding purchases and materials. There’s your family, your bank, your contractor, etc etc. Cut out some of those middle men by shopping with Ambassador Floor Company.

Ambassador Floor Company works directly with residential homeowners, so if you don’t want to use a contractor, you don’t have to. We work to create a one-stop-shop for your remodeling needs. We also work directly with contractors and architects to help specify products for the Builder market segment. If you’re a commercial contractor, facility manager, or facility owner, we work directly with you as well to find the materials that are perfect for your space.

Whether you work on one construction job this year, or if you work on hundreds, you can trust Ambassador Floor to deal with you directly and help you complete your job with the best and most beautiful materials possible.