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Hardwood Floors, stained in stripes

Getting Artistic with Hardwoods

Written by creatingyourspace on . Posted in Design Tips

Hardwoods are one of the oldest and one of the most beautiful flooring options out there, and Ambassador Floor Company carries many different lines to help our clients find the ones that are best for their homes. If you love a traditional look, whether it be with a dark stain or a paler hue, you an easily find just what you like out on the showroom floor.

However, if you’re into a bolder design, you shouldn’t pass up hardwood. Many people envision hardwood as one solid color, without many options for large variations or pattern making. This isn’t a true¬†assumption. With the correct skill and installation, a homeowner can create a dynamic patterned look on their hardwood floor with stain or various wood blends. If you want to go with a stain option, you can get amazingly fun results:

Hardwood Floors, stained in stripes

This hardwood floor, via Elle Decor, gets a bold, up to date look as stripes are created through stains.

You can create a dynamic and fun space, like the one above, by playing with the staining patterns on wood or by mixing up your plank size, color, etc. across the room. Go bold with hardwood with Ambassador Floor; just stop into our showroom to talk with us about how to do so.