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Create a Green Living Space

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Do you know how to make your home green? There are ways you can make your home more eco-friendly without having an expensive whole house renovation. Here are four tips that can help you start creating a green living space.

1. Keep caulked areas caulked. Every degree of temperature variance in a home can result in up to 10% addition to your heating and cooling expenses.

2. Check your doors. Energy can be lost through doors that are not spaced properly from the floor. If you are having flooring replaced or added, a professional installer can check your doors for proper install height.

3. Minimize use of space heaters. Spaces heaters are energy hogs and can generate more than 2 pounds of greenhouse gas per hour. These heaters don’t help your hardwood floors because the heaters increase the contraction of hardwood floors.

4. Purchase hardwood floors with the FSC Seal that are not clear cut or harvested in a sustainable fashion. There are only 4% of our own native, old growth forests still standing. The US is the worlds largest importer and consumer of timber woods and products.

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Stylish Bedroom Carpeting

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When it comes to the bedroom, you want flooring that is both stylish and comfortable. The bedroom is so important because it is the room that makes your home truly come together. The floor is the first thing your feet hit in the morning, so of course you want that feeling to be the most comfortable as possible. Take a look at a few stylish and comfortable bedroom flooring options Ambassador Floor Company found on Southern Living.



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Hardwood floors are simply beautiful and are a great investment because they will last a lifetime if you properly care for them.


Wall to Wall carpeting

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Homeowners love wall-to-wall carpet in the bedroom because it is one of the softest and most comfortable options available. When choosing carpeting, select carpet that has a soft pile for the ultimate comfort level.


Layered Rugs

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Layered rugs can add texture and interest to your wall-to-wall carpeting if you need a little extra comfort.

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Flooring Decor for the Living Room

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Every room has to have a foundation, both literally and figuratively, and it’s easy to see what it is- the floor! Flooring is such an important part of any interior design plan, and it is the basis upon which you will build the entire room. Take a look at some inspirational flooring ideas from Good Housekeeping to see the difference a beautiful floor can make.

Millwork columns, a stone hearth and beautiful wood floors give this great room a comfy, warm glow.

Gorgeous reddish floors contrast beautifully with contemporary couches in a subtle cream color.

Large cream-colored tiles paired with a textural, earth-toned rug give this living room a sleek and modern feel.

Beige wall-to-wall carpet and a warm area rug make the perfect backdrop for this bright, pumpkin-hued sofa.

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5 Floor Maintenance Tips everyone needs to know

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All homeowners want to keep their floors in pristine condition. Whether we are trying to preserve that beautiful shine on wanting to keep our carpets plush and free of dirt, there has to be regular maintenance and cleaning involved if you want to keep those floors looking their absolute best. Here are 5 tips that will help you in creating a regular maintenance schedule for your flooring.

1. If you have vinyl flooring, do not place rubber-backed, latex-backed, or cocofiber mats on the floor because they will stain or damage the surface.

2. Sweep or vacuum (without a beater-bar) your ceramic floor tiles, then use a damp mop.

3. Use door mats outside each entrance to your home to prevent dirt, grit, and other substances such as oil, and driveway sealer from being tracked onto the floor.

4. For hardwood floors, only use quality area rugs inside entryways to prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked onto the floor.

5. If there is an intense amount of sunlight that will be hitting the floor, close you blinds or curtains during peak sunlight hours.

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