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Glass Shelves in the Bathroom

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Glass shelves are a versatile storage option for the bathroom.  Glass shelves can be hung throughout the bathroom. In smaller spaces like a bathroom the glass will take up less visual space than a wood or painted shelf.


Glass shelves virtually disappear into the wall behind them. If you use a floating shelf design like in this bathroom, the shelf will blend in with whatever is behind it. This allows your beautiful backsplash to be uninterrupted by the shelf. This is important when you have an intricate pattern like a mosaic or border.


Tempered glass is always a good idea in a bathroom for a shelf or a shower door. Tempered glass will not shatter into shards, which can be dangerous in a bathroom with its tile or wood floor.  If you have a glass shower surround, glass shelving in the room can unify the design.


Glass shelves can be hung above the toilet as well as above the vanity.  You can vary the depth of the shelf depending on its use and placement in the bathroom. Thicker shelves can be used to store extra toilet paper, jars of Qtips and cotton balls, or even extra washcloths and hand towels in neat rolls. Smaller shelves can hold toothbrushes and toothpaste.


No matter the material you choose for shelves in the bathroom, make sure you secure them to the wall with the proper screws for your wall type. Going into a stud is always a good idea when hanging a shelf that will hold any weight.

Home Furniture and Accessories Going Fast!

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Ambassador Floor Company is getting rid of all showroom furniture, sinks and home accessories! Floor models and remaining furnishings are going fast. Hurry in to view our distinctive furniture and accessories while we still have inventory remaining.

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Ambassador can help get your Dining Room ready for Thanksgiving

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With Thanksgiving being two weeks away, hopefully you have your dining room dressed to impress by now. But if not, Ambassador Floor Company is here to help! Did you know that we also offer home furnishings and accessories? Many of which that can be purchased immediately! You may simply need that one piece that will bring your living room interiors to life or you might need a completely new dining room set, well we can help you get your dining room looking its best.

Ambassador Floor Company takes pride in offering a stress-free environment that can work with your schedule. Plus, we have talented and professional designers available for your assistance. Simple give us a call at 636-728-1600 to schedule an appointment during or after business hours.

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3 Fall Decorating Tips for your Home

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The fall season is representative of cooler weather, a variety of Earth tones and warm home interiors. In order to get your home filled with the inviting ambiance of the fall season, you need to begin decorating your home with key pieces that will bring in a happy dose of autumn. Here are 3 ways you can start to decorate your home for the fall season courtesy of HGTV.


Add Fresh Flowers

A vase or planter filled with fresh fall flowers in the foyer or in the corners of a room can brighten your home with autumn essence.


Rustic Table

Place items together of differing textures that have similar natural colors. This will make a great display for a coffee or console table.

Incorporate Autumn Hues with Accessories 

This living room corner has a nice dose of Autumn color with the branches filled with Auburn leaves, the gold tone of the lamp base, and the beige and brown accent pillows. Quite a cozy corner.

 If you need help redecorating your St. Louis home interiors, contact Ambassador Floor Company. Our wide range of services will have your home covered from home furnishings to flooring.

Going Urban and Chic with your Home Interiors

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Now that we are well into the 21st century, it is time for our home interior style to transform in some form or fashion. There is a way to update each particular home design style to fit your home personality. For those homeowners who prefer the more modern chic lifestyle, you’ll want to update your interiors to have more urban edge.

Urban chic interiors should never be cluttered or complicated. People who are drawn to the urban chic home style usually love high tech, low maintenance and luxurious appeal. For them, less is more and  form faithfully follows function. When you are planning a urban chic redecorating project, you should approach it by treating your spaces like pieces of three-dimensional art, balancing form, shape, color and texture – texture from rough and smooth to glossy and matte. Each space should be  highly functional, well organized, contain lots of storage, ordered and  meet the demands of your modern life.

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Tips for Fall decorating in the Home

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The summer season is coming to an end and now it is time to get your home interiors ready for the fall season. The autumn season should usher in the feelings of warmth and charm to your home. There is no need for you to do a total remodel of your home interiors; there are simple decorative touches you can make that will make a big difference to the overall feel of the room.

For the living room, go with neutral colors that create a cozy atmosphere and provide a warm glow. You don’t need to decorate with too much decor. That only creates a cluttered look. Simply choose a few key pieces to decorate with that bring in the ambiance of fall. It is a great idea to greet your guests in the foyer with a beautifully decorated accent table that displays the colors of the season. For example, colorful candlesticks, pumpkins, berries and throw cushions can bring style and instant glow to the table.

For those who have bare floors, place an area rug on the floor to add softness. This also adds more warmth to the look of the home.

If you need help redecorating your St. Louis home interiors, contact Ambassador Floor Company. Our wide range of services will have your home covered from home furnishings to flooring.