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Summertime Home Maintenance

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Home maintenance is important come summer time. There are lots of things that can be done and appliances that can be checked in order to properly maintain a household during this season.


Inspect and Tune Up Air-Conditioners and Fans


Inspecting the air-conditioners and fans are important because these are most frequently and heavily used during summer. These appliances must be kept in good condition. Air conditioning units are best left to professionals. Due to the high costs associated with running an air conditioner, a significant amount of money can be saved money on your electric bill if the household’s air-conditioner is properly maintained


Fan blades should be kept free from dust, whether using a ceiling fan or an electric fan. A duster or a piece of cloth may be used in cleaning. An old pillowcase is a great way to keep dust from flying around during cleaning.  Simply place the entire pillowcase on the fan blade and gently wipe the blade while removing.  The dust will remain inside the cloth “bag” rather than spreading through the air. 


Roof Check and Maintenance


With sunny, warm days, summer is a great season to check the roof and make all the necessary repairs. By doing this, you can prevent small problems from becoming larger ones. Remember to check for even the most minor leaks, rusting, and other concerns.


Clean Gutters


Gutters should be cleaned regularly to keep the roof and foundation in good repair. Cleaning out gutters will prevent leaves, twigs, rocks and other things from blocking the passageway of water. You can do the cleaning yourself or hire a service provider.


Window Check


A window check is necessary if you want to avoid the summer heat from entering your house. Make sure that the sealant on both inside and outside are secured. A toothbrush can be used in cleaning the window to get to areas and crevices that are hard to reach.  A clean and well-maintained window will keep the house looking great and as energy efficient as possible.


Keeping your home in the best shape possible is a big job, but very rewarding.  We hope your summer is a great one!