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Decorating a Home Office/Spare Bedroom

Written by creatingyourspace on . Posted in Design Tips

The term spare room is kind of a misnomer. For most homeowners any extra space is a luxury that is quickly gobbled up and turned into something: a playroom for the kids; a guest room; a home office.  This room shows a smart way to combine a home office and a guest room into one stylish space.  Home office/bedroom doesn’t mean shoving a desk in the corner of the guest room or squeezing a queen size bed into the office.  This room is a true multifunctional room that is the best of both.


Rather than having a big bed in a small room, a convertible day bed/sofa is used.  While this won’t accommodate two guests, it will work for a single guest.  During the day or when the room is not being used as a guest room, the sofa provides a comfortable place to lounge and relax.


The work desk is also very stylish and can be cleared of work papers and laptop for a guest’s visit. Having a few file cabinets or a bookshelf with doors to hide work and home finance paper work would optimize the storage in this space. The storage ottomans as coffee table are portable and easily moved around the space.


Neutral colors make this space guest friendly.  The patterned area rug adds interest and coziness.  A few pieces of art on the walls would help warm up the space and keep it from feeling too sterile. Even personal family photos would be nice hung as a gallery wall.