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Rustic Romance/Shabby Chic: A How-To Decorate Guide

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Decorating around a theme is often the best way to create a room that is impressive. It provides an easy way to ensure that the room is ‘pulled together’ by way of a common thread. It also helps with decisions such as color selection, accessorizing, and furnishings. Rather than ponder whether or not to buy that amazing couch you just found, you can quickly and confidently say ‘yay or nay.’ Either it works with the theme or it doesn’t!

To make it even easier we are offering our guidelines in short and succinct bulleted lists. We’ve found that when working theme it’s more effective to pick and choose possibilities a la carte. Otherwise you risk ‘overdoing it’ with the theme and end up with a room that might look it belongs in a theme park. Less is more. Lastly, when going about it this way the overall project seems less daunting. Just pick what you like and work it into your plan!

In this installment of our How-To-Decorate series we are going to discuss a rustic romance theme, along the lines of the well known and loved Shabby Chic style. If you love pale hues and a feminine touch, this guide will help your create a dreamy space in your home.

  • Colors:
    • White, distressed white
    • Soft light pink
    • Rose pink
    • Light mint green
    • Lighting
      • Chandeliers
      • Small to mid size table lamps
      • Furniture
        • Highly distressed wood, especially white
        • White rattan
        • Metallic
        • Mirror surface, such as a mirrored end table
        • Accessories
          • Multiple small, short bunches of roses in short vases
          • Antique keys
          • Up-cycled antique window frames, used to frame art from behind the panels
          • Repurposed vintage luggage
          • Quilts
          • The walls
            • Wall paper, micro print roses, white, pink, green
            • Satin sheen, pale hues, silver, pink, white
            • The floor
              • Rustic wood
              • Carpet

How To Make a Sweatshirt Look Smart

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Finally! We have reached a time in fashion when sweatshirts are considered appropriate for nearly all levels of dress. Gone are the days when they were strictly for running or cleaning the house. It’s now common to see them with pants, high heels, even sequin skirts. The main trick to making it work is to use a good sweatshirt. Either something new or something fashion forward (these are now really easy to find.) Then, you just start mixing and matching the same way that you would if it were any other top. Here are our top suggestions!

  1. Classic heather grey sweatshirt, black leather skirt, sneakers.
  2. Dark grey classic sweatshirt, over top of white button up with just shirt tails peeking out at the bottom, black skinny jeans, large leopard print scarf, tan leather bag, neutral flats.
  3. Black graphic sweatshirt, black distressed skinny jeans, oversized black leather bag, black booties.
  4. Slim fitting black sweatshirt with white graphic print, chunky chain necklace at neckline of sweatshirt, red/black/grey plaid pencil skirt, basic black pumps.
  5. Heather grey sweatshirt with pink and black graphic design, cream colored chiffon mini flared skirt, black clutch, chunky necklace, black and brown wedges.
  6. Burgundy button up shirt under grey sweatshirt, cropped denim jacket, burgundy/cream/navy large plaid scarf, black skinny jeans, black leather bag, leopard print slide on sneakers.
  7. Bold black graphic sweatshirt, lightly distressed whisker washed blue jeans rolled at the ankle, pop color bag, two-tone stilettos in colors that coordinate with sweatshirt.
  8. Charcoal sweatshirt with white graphic lettering, over top of red/black plaid button up shirt with just the shirttails showing, a watch, distressed blue jeans rolled at the ankles, chunky necklace, mustard yellow bag, brown suede mule boots.
  9. Basic sweatshirt in a neutral color, slim fit blue jeans, pop color watch, pop color sneakers that match the watch.
  10. Thin grey sweatshirt with sleeves cuffed just below the elbows, tucked into long floral flare skirt, black or neutral chunky heel sandals. 

9 Ways To Conceal Unsightly Things

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If you’re a perfectionist we’re betting that you are going to LOVE these ideas. It can be such a frustration to create a beautiful, well designed room only to have it interrupted by unsightly features. Some things just can’t be avoided, such as a thermostat or utility meter, but there are creative ways to conceal them. Are you ready to be done with grumbling at the modem every time you walk by it? Read on! 

  1. Utility meter or A/C Unit outside – Cover (and easily uncover) using free standing, accordion shutter doors.
  2. Metal wall vents – Repurpose the side rail from baby crib and mount it in front of the vent. Adorned with ribbons (decorative or prize winning). Air will still flow freely and the ribbons are a pretty way to distract from the metal vent.
  3. Computer printer – Use a dresser or entertainment unit with a drawer deep enough to fit the printer. Detach the front panel and reattach it with hinge so you can open it as needed when using the printer.
  4. Computer modem – Hollow out a hard back book and simply slip the modem inside, display with the book spine facing outward.
  5. Out-of-date ceiling treatments – Cover the entire ceilings by power-nailing wood planks over it. Covering old treatments is typically less work than trying to remove and resurface.
  6. If your TV is mounted on the wall hide the dangling cords by installing a hollow shelf made crown molding.
  7. On a wall that has a thermostat create a collage with various sized frames. The thermostat will blend in rather than being starkly apparent.
  8. Hide a power strip using a photo storage box. Remove the back wall of the box and slide the power strip in.
  9. If you can’t or don’t want to use a bed skirt, simply cover the unsightly box spring using fabric and a staple gun. 

Feng Shui – A Quick Look

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Zen inspired interior design can bring peace to your home and help to de-clutter spaces that tend to collect it. Tranquility can sometimes be hard to come by in our busy lives but when you are able to create a space that evokes it with clean lines, minimal mess and natural materials you can create a space that fosters serenity in your life.


One way to infuse this type of design into your room is the ancient art of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the Chinese tradition of balancing a room with the different elements and through this, harmonizing those that inhabit the space.


One of the elements is earth. Earth is an element that is seen as one that is grounding. To bring the earth element to your room add in earth tones, furniture that is lower to the ground or artwork that shows images of landscapes.


Fire on the other hand, is a symbol that represents boldness and strength. Adding this to your design can increase these attributes, but too much can cause an increase in impulsiveness and aggression. A balanced way to add this to your room’s design is to incorporate candles or shades in the red family.


Water is something that connects with emotion and spirituality. This taps into your ability to connect with your wisdom and insight. With the right balance of water elements in your room you will be able to enjoy a sense of peace and tranquility. To add water elements to your room be sure to include reflective surfaces such as mirrors or water features such as water fountains.


The element of wood is something that represents creativity and growth and can bring a sense of strength to your design. Ways to incorporate this element include fresh flowers or bamboo, natural fabrics and wood furniture.


Metal is different in that it can connect with your sense of logic and order. If you want to add this element to your space the best way is to include metal furniture or decorations and countertops that are made out of stone or rocks.


When the right balance of the elements is present in a room, it can bring a sense of harmony to your design. Comment below and share with us what you think are great ways to create a room that has incorporated Feng Shui into its design.

How To Clean Scuffs Off Hardwood Flooring

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Shoe scuffs and chair scuffs on wood flooring are unavoidable, but the good news is that scuff are easy to remove. Below are 5 easy steps to help you remove scuffs from hard wood flooring.

You’ll Need:

  • mineral spirits
  • fine steel wool
  • oil
  • furniture wax
  • clean white cotton cloth rag
  • WD-40
  • pencil eraser

How to:

Step 1: Use a dry white cotton cloth to wipe the scuff marks with mineral spirits.

Step 2: Allow the mineral spirits to dry.

Step 3: Polish the area.

Step 4: Wipe with oil and fine steel wool if you do not have mineral spirits.

Step 5: Wax with furniture wax.

Removing scuffs from hardwood flooring can be difficult because hardwood is very sensitive and if removed incorrectly, you could have devastating effects and farther damage your floors. If you have any questions or concerns before removing scuffs contact your local flooring distributor or manufacturer.

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