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Why I Need A Carpet Cushion?

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We’re asked that question alot, along with – What does a carpet cushion do? and How does a cushion protect a carpet, if it is underneath the carpet?

And the fact is carpet cushions (or pads) are very important to the appearance of your carpet. Carpet cushions protect carpets from crushing caused by furniture and keep your carpets looking new and fresh. The carpet padding makes the carpet seem more luxurious.

In research conducted by Independent Textile Testing Service, a test was used whereby different carpet/cushion systems were subjected to rolling a chair with 150 lb. Weight over them 20,000 times. The results indicated that carpets with no cushion had an average of 19.3% loss in pile height (thickness) as opposed to a 5-10% loss in thickness for carpets with a separate cushion. The favorable effect of cushion in reducing the appearance of wear was indicated by decreased loss in thickness. So since carpets with separate cushion remain thicker, they could also appear more luxurious for a longer period of time. And with separate cushion, it’s possible to select the degree of luxury or firmness of tread you desire.

Carpet cushions also:

  • Improve the thermal installation of flooring
  • Carpets with separate cushions are less expensive to install
  • Carpet cushion can significantly improve a carpet’s acoustical properties

For more information about carpet padding visit Carpet Cushion Council or contact Ambassador Floor Company.