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Product Spotlight: Natural Stone

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Adda Blend (Brick-Joint Polished Mosaic)

This brick jointed polished mosaic, Adda Blend by Daltile, is a wonderful decorative accent for a kitchen or bathroom backsplash. Marble is a natural stone that is a metamorphic rock of crystallized limestone that consists mainly of calcite or dolomite.  It is a fine  material to add elegance to your home.

Learn more about this product in Daltile’s Marble Collection here or visit our website to view more natural stone products here.
Adda Blend (Brick-Joint Polished Mosaic)

Decorating the French Provincial Kitchen

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5119306_SWhen it comes to decorative terms, “French Provincial” is more or less “French Country”. This style of interior decoration from the French Provinces came to the fore during the 17th and 18th centuries. Decorating the French provincial kitchen entails rough and whitewashed walls or smooth walls that are covered in beautiful wallpaper.

Using painted furniture isn’t uncommon, and straw woven seats can be a great addition to the kitchen table. One thing that makes this pattern of decoration unique and popular is the adoption of bright fabrics, which could range from tiny floral designs to wide paisley designs.

To achieve that traditional kitchen look while decorating the French provincial kitchen, the walls of the kitchen are painted in warm and milky white. What if white is not your favorite color? No need to fret, you can alternatively go for violet blue, muddied sea green, washed out ocher yellow, or even light gray.

Remember, think of a bright kitchen with a light feeling.  Using a chandelier for lighting above the island is a great idea and will add another depth of design to the kitchen.

Green Flooring For Your Kitchen

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Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Then mostly likely you are looking to replace your old flooring with new stylish and maybe green flooring. We have complied a list of sustainable flooring, that are strong enough to stand up to the regular wear and tare of your kitchen as well as make your kitchen a little more green.

  • Linoleum: Real linoleum is an all-natural flooring option made of linseed oil, cork dust, wood flour, tree resins, ground limestone and pigments, all pressed onto a jute backing. It’s long-lasting, easy to clean, and often contains recycled content.
  • Wood: Wood is a classic and durable flooring option. Just make sure that the wood you choose is Forest Stewardship Council certified, or salvaged/reclaimed wood. Avoid products with added formaldehyde, which are sometimes used in engineered/pressed wood backing or sublayers. Also look for sealers and cleaners that are environmentally benign and low-VOC.
  • Tile: Tile is beautiful and durable, and you can find companies that make their tile products with up to 100% recycled glass or ceramic.
  • Stone: Look for locally (or at least domestically) mined and fabricated stone, but avoid buying imported stone in order to reduce transport-related energy. If you need to use a sealer, make sure it’s a low-VOC product (less than 200 g/L of VOCs, per SCAQMD Rule 1113).

For assistance selecting sustainable flooring for your kitchen contact a consultant at Ambassador Flooring Company in St. Louis.

Photo: DalTile

Get Focused – Selecting Kitchen Flooring

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It can be a little over whelming when selecting flooring for your kitchen, there are so many choices, hardwood, tile, laminate, cork and so on.  The other day we found a great questionnaire from that will help you focus your selection process.

  1. What is under my current flooring? How will this material affect the choice of my new flooring? Is there asbestos that will need to be removed?
  2. What flooring option feels the best under my feet?
  3. Do I want to use the opportunity of getting a new floor to level off its height if I now have to step up or down to enter the kitchen?
  4. Would I like to install a radiant-heat system under my new floor?
  5. Do I prefer a consistent color or one that’s broken up by granules or veins or that’s patterned?
  6. Do I need to consider the safety of children or elderly family members who may be coming through or using the kitchen?
  7. Do I want to place a priority on being able to quickly clean up spills without worrying about stains or water damage?
  8. Do I prefer natural or manmade materials?

If you’ll like you can go to the to print out the questionnaire and refer to it as you shop for flooring. Good Luck!

Candice Olson’s Kitchen Design Inspirations

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Do you love Candice Olsen’s HGTV show, “Divine Design”, as much as we do?  We are hooked on Candice’s fresh and contemporary design style.  Check out these amazing kitchens designs from Candice’s show.

Durable Solutions
Design your dream kitchen for durability. Three kinds of porcelain tile and carefully planned cabinet storage make this kitchen a stylish workhorse.

Open Up Your Space
Knock out a wall to add space to your kitchen. This kitchen seamlessly integrates with the dining area, using a buffet island to separate the two.

Unique Flooring
Make a statement with your kitchen flooring. Stripes of light and dark concrete-like material add an unexpected touch to this contemporary kitchen.

Mix It Up
Two-toned kitchens are more interesting than one-toned. A marble island, different cabinet finishes and Art Deco tile make this Candice’s favorite Divine Design kitchen makeover.

Now that you have seen Candice Olson’s designs, check out Candice’s Home Collection at Ambassador Floor and For the Home.