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Using French Doors Indoors

Written by creatingyourspace on . Posted in Design Tips


Used as an exterior door for years as a chic alternative to traditional sliding doors, French doors also work excellently indoors.  These glass paned doors allow light to flow between rooms while creating a division of space.  Great for use between a hall and den or family room, French doors can provide some sound break while not shutting off the room entirely.  French style pocket doors are even better because when slid into the wall, they disappear completely.

French doors can be used over wood floors, tile or carpet. Flooring can end at the doorway or continue throughout both spaces depending on how much of a space separation is desired.  There are curtain options to cover the glass for even more sense of privacy.  Curtains can be mounted on small rods at the top and bottom of the doors for a tailored look.  This option would not work on pocket doors where the door must slide into a narrow space, but would work on traditional French doors.

Transom windows, like seen in this picture, are another way to carry natural light throughout the home while providing something of a sound break.  Placed above doors and doorways, transom windows can either be stationary or tilt to open to allow additional air flow.

This home has a great flow between spaces with hardwood throughout, a transom window above the doorway to the dining room and the French doors into the living area.  Painting the French doors the same color as the molding and wall color allows them to blend into the space perfectly.