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How To Make a Sweatshirt Look Smart

Written by creatingyourspace on . Posted in Family Fun

Finally! We have reached a time in fashion when sweatshirts are considered appropriate for nearly all levels of dress. Gone are the days when they were strictly for running or cleaning the house. It’s now common to see them with pants, high heels, even sequin skirts. The main trick to making it work is to use a good sweatshirt. Either something new or something fashion forward (these are now really easy to find.) Then, you just start mixing and matching the same way that you would if it were any other top. Here are our top suggestions!

  1. Classic heather grey sweatshirt, black leather skirt, sneakers.
  2. Dark grey classic sweatshirt, over top of white button up with just shirt tails peeking out at the bottom, black skinny jeans, large leopard print scarf, tan leather bag, neutral flats.
  3. Black graphic sweatshirt, black distressed skinny jeans, oversized black leather bag, black booties.
  4. Slim fitting black sweatshirt with white graphic print, chunky chain necklace at neckline of sweatshirt, red/black/grey plaid pencil skirt, basic black pumps.
  5. Heather grey sweatshirt with pink and black graphic design, cream colored chiffon mini flared skirt, black clutch, chunky necklace, black and brown wedges.
  6. Burgundy button up shirt under grey sweatshirt, cropped denim jacket, burgundy/cream/navy large plaid scarf, black skinny jeans, black leather bag, leopard print slide on sneakers.
  7. Bold black graphic sweatshirt, lightly distressed whisker washed blue jeans rolled at the ankle, pop color bag, two-tone stilettos in colors that coordinate with sweatshirt.
  8. Charcoal sweatshirt with white graphic lettering, over top of red/black plaid button up shirt with just the shirttails showing, a watch, distressed blue jeans rolled at the ankles, chunky necklace, mustard yellow bag, brown suede mule boots.
  9. Basic sweatshirt in a neutral color, slim fit blue jeans, pop color watch, pop color sneakers that match the watch.
  10. Thin grey sweatshirt with sleeves cuffed just below the elbows, tucked into long floral flare skirt, black or neutral chunky heel sandals.