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Epic Hardwood by Shaw Flooring “Most Sustainable”

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Billed as the most sustainable engineered hardwood in the world, Epic Hardwood by Shaw Flooring provides all the style of real hardwood while also protecting our natural resources. Part of Shaw’s Green Edge initiative, Epic Hardwood is made with EnviroCore reclaimed wood fibers and wood veneers that are sourced from suppliers committed to sound forestry practices.

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With Epic Hardwood, Shaw aims to reduce timber harvesting for a more balanced ecosystem. Unlike traditional 3/4-inch-thick hardwood floors, Shaw’s 3/8-inch-thick Epic Hardwood Flooring uses approximately 50% less newly forested wood in its production.

Epic Hardwood is available in 42 Durashield finishes inspired by natural hardwoods such as red oak and maple that last for decades. Plus, it can be sanded and refinished rather than replaced for a new look in the future.

Shaw Epic Hardwood Flooring is available at Ambassador Floor Company in Chesterfield, Mo. Stop by our showroom to see samples and for pricing.

Mad About Carpets

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There are very few shows that influence fashion, interior design and even cocktails, quite like AMC’s television series Mad Men. The show that is set in the mid-1960s and follows the lives of several Madison Avenue advertising agents.  The show’s impact on interior design stretches further than color schemes and sleek furniture.  Even carpets design has been influenced by the Mad Men set design. Wall- to – wall carpet is featured in Don Draper’s home and even in the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency.

The CRI blog asked Emily Morrow, Director for Color, Style, and Design for Shaw Industries, about the show’s influence on interior design and if the influence is powerful enough to bring back wall-to-wall carpeting.

CRI: What has changed about carpet since the 1960s?
EM: The biggest change has been the introduction of soft fibers – carpet today is much softer to the touch. A coworker recently brought in several samples of carpets that were actually manufactured in the 60s and I was amazed at how coarse the fiber feels. There have been many other technical advances in carpet manufacturing since then, like stain and soil treatment, improved backings, and of course, the introduction of carpet made with post-consumer recycled content.

CRI: What about the look?
EM: In the Sixties, carpet color palettes were shorter – maybe eight to ten colors, but the colors were bold – deep blues, reds, golds and greens. Today, a style might be offered in 40-50 colors, but 80 percent of those will be neutrals and beiges. Fifty years ago, consumers really had a tactile sense – they wanted deep pile that you could dig your toes into – we may be seeing a return to that.

CRI: So, are we looking at a fashion trend, or is it more than that?
EM: Sixties Retro is a definite trend, but beyond that, consumers may come back to carpet because of its acoustic benefits and the warmth and comfort it brings to a room. Plus, carpet is a great value. We’ve had hard surface, hard surface, hard surface for several years, and I don’t think that is going away. But we know how hard they can be on the joints and how bad they are with acoustics in a room. Carpet is a good choice for all these reasons – plus, it’s beautiful

Shaw’s Post-Consumer Carpet Recycling

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We are proud to carry environmental friendly products like the Shaw’s Anso Nylon Carpeting, these are product that are both environmental save and improve the indoor air quality of our homes.

Labels found on Shaw’s carpet styles made from Anso® Nylon 6 feature information regarding the postconsumer recycled content, as well as the recyclability, of these products. Recycling of carpets made from Anso Nylon 6, as well as other carpets made from the same type of nylon, is made possible by Evergreen Nylon Recycling, Shaw’s Nylon 6 recycling operation in Augusta, Georgia. The Evergreen facility converts post-consumer Nylon 6 carpet back to its original starting material, caprolactam—the building block for Nylon 6 fiber. The caprolactam from Evergreen is mixed with new caprolactam during the manufacturing process, and new Anso nylon fiber is made. Although Anso Nylon 6 carpets contain nylon produced with Evergreen postconsumer caprolactam, the actual percent of recycled content in the product will vary from sample to sample.

Evergreen Nylon Recycling, Shaw’s nylon recycling operation in Augusta, Georgia, employs patented technology that converts post-consumer nylon carpet and recycles it back to its original material – the building block for nylon fiber. As a result of this technology, carpets of Nylon 6 are capable of being recycled into new carpet repeatedly without the loss of any aesthetic or performance properties.

Shaw has also partnered with several recycling companies to establish a collection network to bring more post-consumer carpeting to the Evergreen recycling centers.  Shaw hosts a number of recycling centers across the county, and Shaw is continuing to add more centers and grow their operations. The recycled content that Shaw is able to put into their products from this process represents a nationwide environmental benefit.

Visit our showroom to learn more about Shaw’s Anso Nylon 6 carpets.

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