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Glass Backsplashes in the Kitchen

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According to the The National Kitchen & Bath Association, glass has become an increasingly popular material with designers for use in the kitchen. Although kitchen designers commonly use it for countertops, more than half use glass for backsplashes.

Glass is a diverse material that you can have cut into clear or colored tiles to create mosaics, or into square or rectangular sheets and other shapes to match any style of kitchen. Unlike natural stone backsplashes that sometimes show grease stains, or lose color with age or exposure to direct sunlight, glass rarely stains, provides an easy to clean surface and retains its color over time.

At Ambassador Floor Company, we offer a wide range of services. Besides wood, carpet, vinyl, laminate and cork flooring, we also offer a wide range of other eco-friendly flooring solutions for St. Louis, as well as backsplash design and installation services.

Feel free to visit our Ambassador Floor Company St. Louis showroom where we can help you to create a beautiful, long-lasting glass backsplash for any style home.


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