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Glass Shelves in the Bathroom

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Glass shelves are a versatile storage option for the bathroom.  Glass shelves can be hung throughout the bathroom. In smaller spaces like a bathroom the glass will take up less visual space than a wood or painted shelf.


Glass shelves virtually disappear into the wall behind them. If you use a floating shelf design like in this bathroom, the shelf will blend in with whatever is behind it. This allows your beautiful backsplash to be uninterrupted by the shelf. This is important when you have an intricate pattern like a mosaic or border.


Tempered glass is always a good idea in a bathroom for a shelf or a shower door. Tempered glass will not shatter into shards, which can be dangerous in a bathroom with its tile or wood floor.  If you have a glass shower surround, glass shelving in the room can unify the design.


Glass shelves can be hung above the toilet as well as above the vanity.  You can vary the depth of the shelf depending on its use and placement in the bathroom. Thicker shelves can be used to store extra toilet paper, jars of Qtips and cotton balls, or even extra washcloths and hand towels in neat rolls. Smaller shelves can hold toothbrushes and toothpaste.


No matter the material you choose for shelves in the bathroom, make sure you secure them to the wall with the proper screws for your wall type. Going into a stud is always a good idea when hanging a shelf that will hold any weight.

So What’s Next in Trendy Flooring?

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Wide Plank Floor

New, exciting and trendy styles in flooring are emerging since the 2011 Chicago remodeling show.  These new styles and ideas are great not only for builders and interior designers, but for the homeowners who are do-it-yourselfers as well.

Wood floors remain a very popular choice and continue to bring an increase in value to the properties where it has been installed. Wood flooring’s continuing popularity is due to its ability to fit into many different decorating styles.

Trends to watch in 2012-

  • Flashy splashes of color. The earth tones of the past are giving way to new colors. Grays, blues and even reds.
  • Vintage continues to be very popular making the look of distressed wood another great option.
  • Bamboo is getting some new and exciting looks. It has been a choice for many people due to it’s sustainability feature.
  • Wood planks are gaining popularity and are increasing in size. New wider planks are making their way into homes across America.

If you are in the St. Louis area, looking for the trendy 2012 styles, Ambassador Floor Company has everything to fit your needs.


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Glass Backsplashes in the Kitchen

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According to the The National Kitchen & Bath Association, glass has become an increasingly popular material with designers for use in the kitchen. Although kitchen designers commonly use it for countertops, more than half use glass for backsplashes.

Glass is a diverse material that you can have cut into clear or colored tiles to create mosaics, or into square or rectangular sheets and other shapes to match any style of kitchen. Unlike natural stone backsplashes that sometimes show grease stains, or lose color with age or exposure to direct sunlight, glass rarely stains, provides an easy to clean surface and retains its color over time.

At Ambassador Floor Company, we offer a wide range of services. Besides wood, carpet, vinyl, laminate and cork flooring, we also offer a wide range of other eco-friendly flooring solutions for St. Louis, as well as backsplash design and installation services.

Feel free to visit our Ambassador Floor Company St. Louis showroom where we can help you to create a beautiful, long-lasting glass backsplash for any style home.


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The Endless Possibilities with Tile

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You are a unique individual, one of a kind, with one of a kind tastes. Your floors should reflect you personal style and contribute to the comfort and uniqueness of your home. Don’t think you have to settle for plain squares with no patterns. Tile is available in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Tile flooring is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to update and personalize your living space. The choice of size, shape, and texture of tile is virtually endless. You can choose from vinyl, cork, ceramic, even glass. Be creative, be daring, be bold. The way the tile is laid out can be customized too. Why subscribe to the grid when you can have circles, or a mosaic pattern.

Even if you are a Do-It-Yourself kind of person and you have limited tile flooring experience do not fear. Nowadays exciting patterns, colors and textures even come confined to a square piece for easy installation.

So don’t be shy. Dig in and express you yourself with a new tile floor or even an impressive back splash. Ambassador Floor Company offers the St Louis area flooring that can help make your tile fantasies become reality.


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Cork Flooring: Eco-Friendly and Stylish

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When you want the feeling in your home to be stylish, eco-friendly and warm, your first step is to install cork flooring.

Cork is produced by the natural shedding of the thick outer bark of the cork oak tree, which occurs every nine to 12 years. No trees are cut down and a single tree will produce bark for hundreds of years. Cork harvesting is done only with hand tools.

You can take the eco-friendly theme a step further with cork tiles made from recycled waste, like wine bottle stoppers, to add a dimension of visual interest. Cork tiles are manufactured in patterns and in creative shapes like triangles and polygons, and they can be installed in unique custom patterns.

Cork is naturally impermeable, and flooring is usually sealed with polyurethane to further protect it from damage. Still, it’s advised that you do not wet mop a cork floor, but clean spills immediately with a damp cloth.

Cork flooring comes in a number of natural colors, plus even more water-base stains to simulate hardwoods or other stylish earth tones. It is soft, and a good insulator.

Ambassador Floor Company has cork flooring for all your home’s needs.


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Considering Vinyl Flooring in your Home?

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Vinyl flooring has been in vogue in America since first appearing in the 1950s and remains second only to carpeting in popularity as a choice for floor covering.  It is resilient, affordable, easy to maintain and versatile, capable of being manufactured to look like a wide range of other materials such as ceramic tile, wood and stone.  Vinyl is available in both sheets and tiles, comes in hundreds of colors, hues and designs and can be made to be resistant to scratches, scuffs, discoloration, mildew and mold.

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Ambassador Floor Company, the premier vinyl flooring St. Louis outlet, offers customers a wide assortment of vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring, with hundreds of options from which to choose.  If you’re considering vinyl flooring for your home, a quick trip to their St. Louis flooring showroom is a must.  You can also find information, tips and style choices on their website and learn what’s available to enhance the beauty and comfort of your home through a wide array of vinyl flooring options.  No other type of floor covering offers the value, styling, selection and maintenance ease of vinyl.

2012 Rug Trends

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If you have not heard of DOMOTEX before, it is the world’s largest flooring trade show that is held in Hannover, Germany during the winter every year. Basically where all those interested in flooring go to find out what’s hot. The event also has the latest and hottest trends for area rugs. For the show’s 2012 theme, organizers chose “Customized Living”, which is about making design more personal to the homeowner.

Take a look at three top trends for rugs that came from the show:

1. Making a statement with runway inspired rugs.

From bold color and high quality materials to uncommon texture and quirky patterns, these show-stopping rugs look more like works of art on the floor.

2. Natural “Organic” Look.

Sustainability and green living is a strong design focus and rugs made of natural materials like sisal, silk, hemp, yarn and plant fibers are in!

3. Classic, Timeless Design with a twist.

This trend basically mixes the old with a fresh new twist. Example – Over-dyed Oriental carpets in bright colors.

To read more about these carpet trends, visit

Ambassador Floor Company‘s showroom has an extensive selection of flooring choices for you to choose from. Let us help you figure out which flooring materials fit your home best. Just give us a call at 636-728-1600 or visit our showroom located at 17770 Chesterfield Airport Rd in Chesterfield, MO .


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Mix Different Flooring Materials to Define not Divide

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It is good to know how to define an area in a room without dividing it from the rest of the space. The best way to achieve this in a particular room of your home is to mix flooring materials in the same space. Sound a little taboo? Not at all. Take a look at a few beautiful spaces Ambassador Floor Company found on that illustrate this design choice perfectly.

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Mixing flooring materials is also great for the bathroom, front entry, hallway or any other room that has a need for a defined space. Also, you may have to mix flooring materials in a room if there is a particular area that comes into contact with moisture often. Like right in front of doors, under the bath tub, or in the kitchen in front of the sink.

Ambassador Floor Company‘s showroom has an extensive selection of flooring choices for you to choose from. And we can help you figure out which flooring materials fit your home best. Just give us a call at 636-728-1600 or visit our showroom located at 17770 Chesterfield Airport Rd in Chesterfield, MO .

Painted Floors: The Only Limitation is Your Imagination

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Walls, ceilings and furniture all get painted, why not floors? With a little imagination that drab worn planking can be turned into something exciting and fun!

The easiest option is to choose a solid color like white or beige. But don’t be afraid to go with a bold look like black or red. These colors add a dramatic flair to any room.

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Feeling a bit artistic? Try a checkerboard, plaid or diamond pattern. These designs are a bit more labor intensive, but with a steady hand and patience you’ll have a floor that is truly a work of art.

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Don’t limit painted floors to just living rooms or bedrooms. In rooms that hold moisture, consider using marine grade paint and on stairs and porches always go with a paint that contains texture for safety.

Excited about the possibility of using your floor as a blank canvas? Schedule an appointment with Ambassador Floor Company today to discuss your perfect floor!





Master Bathroom Remodeling Tips

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In continued celebration of National Kitchen and Bath Month, let’s discuss ideas for a master bathroom remodeling project. When you are having your master bedroom redesigned, you want to incorporate luxury into the design in order to create a customized retreat.

First you want to figure out the style of your bathroom. Visiting kitchen and bath showrooms can help you decide on a style that matches your tastes and current bedroom interiors. Then you want to think about the materials. Since it is the master bathroom, go luxurious with things like granite countertops and stone flooring. When it comes to bathroom flooring, remember to go with options that are moisture resistant. Water damage can really reek havoc on the wrong type of flooring.

For your plumbing, custom showers are very popular these days. But if you prefer the big bubble jet tub, by all means – indulge!

If you need flooring for your bathroom remodeling project, make sure you stop by Ambassador Floor Company in Chesterfield, MO.