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The following are commonly asked questions about STAINMASTER Carpet care. These tips will help you keep your STAINMASTER Carpets looking beautiful for longer.

Should I vacuum regularly?

Yes. Regular vacuuming is an important part of complete carpet maintenance. Vacuuming will help to remove dry soil particles that can dull fibers and cause matting to occur.

Does steam cleaning affect stain resistance of STAINMASTER carpet?

No. Tests indicate steam cleaning does not affect the stain resistance performance of STAINMASTER. STAINMASTER texture retention warranties require steam cleaning or hot water extraction at least every 18-24 months.

Ambassador Floor is the only STAINMASTER Flooring Center in the St. Louis Area. For more tips visit STAINMASTER.COM.

STAINMASTER Flooring Center® Exclusive!

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Ambassador Floor Company is excited share this announcement from STAINMASTER Floor Center:

As announced at REACH, INVISTA™ has purchased exclusive HGTV programming sponsorship for the STAINMASTER Flooring Center® showrooms! We are excited to tell you that we have filmed the product integration portion of HGTV’s new one-hour program, “Home Rules”, which is scheduled to air Monday, April 5th 2010. Here are some exciting details:

• “Home Rules” premiers Monday, March 15th 2010 at 9:00pm EST, and we will sponsor through Monday, May 24th 2010 on HGTV

• Each episode will include 2 National TV spots featuring The STAINMASTER Flooring Center®

• Audio and SFC logo sponsorship for all twelve episodes

• STAINMASTER ULTRA LIFE® carpet product integration within the show scheduled to air April 5, 2010

A texture by Shaw: Park Ave II in Putty

• Take advantage of this opportunity and schedule your local media around this exclusive sponsorship

In addition, beginning March 15th, 2010 all STAINMASTER® carpet national commercials feature The STAINMASTER Flooring Center® exclusively for two weeks. In order for you to take the opportunity to merchandise this SFC exclusivity, the following are scheduled to arrive on, or about, March 15th:

• “Home Rules” POP materials merchandise the STAINMASTER ULTRA LIFE® brand integrated in the program

• STAINMASTER® Carpet Great Performance Promotion POP materials

Check out,, or your local listings for further details.

Many thanks to the STAINMASTER Flooring Center®, Worldwide Wholesale Floor Coverings, for allowing us to film at your beautiful showroom!