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Stainmaster Presents Its Eco-Friendly Alternative

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Ambassador Floor Co is proud to support eco-friendly flooring solutions.

Ambassador Floor Company supports green initiatives. That is why we are proud to announce that our Stainmaster products come from an company equally committed to going green.

GreenLiving with Stainmaster is an effort to provide quality, sustainable products for its clients. Stainmaster has implemented green practices throughout the creation and distribution process:

-In manufacturing, Stainmaster has revamped its methods to protect the environment and the health of employees and consumers.

– Endurance plays an important role in Stainmaster’s green efforts. Stainmaster carpets are proven to last up to 50% longer than its competitors, meaning fewer carpet replacements. Fewer replacements can result in up to 37% lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (expressed as CO2 equivalents) than other carpets.

-EcoSoft carpet cushions are created utilizing durable, recycled materials.

-Stainmaster is committed to minimizing its impact on landfills without compromising style and comfort. Stainmaster’s new line of rugs contain over 90% post-consumer fibers and are 100% recyclable.

-Lastly, Stainmaster gives back to the community by presenting communities with corporate citizenship  opportunities.

Ambassador Floor Company’s  Stainmaster products are a great investment for your family, your community, and the environment. For more information in our products and services, call 636.728.1600 or visit


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