The 2011 Top 3 Sustainable Flooring Trends

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No matter if you are selecting flooring for a new house or replacing the flooring in your current home, you should make sure you know the top trends in flooring for 2011. Sustainable flooring has been very big this year. From carpets to different woods, if it is environmentally friendly, it has been a hot commodity that many homeowners want the luxury of having in their homes. Here are the top three floors that have been setting the trend for 2011.

1. Bamboo flooring

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Since bamboo is considered a rapidly renewable resource, it has been a popular choice among the eco-conscious crowd.

2. Cork flooring

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Another eco-friendly flooring option is cork flooring. Cork is a “green” flooring choice because the process of harvesting cork does not harm the trees and the bark grows back in a few years.

3. Reclaimed Hardwood flooring

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If you are wondering why Reclaimed Hardwood flooring is environmentally friendly, it is because the wood is not new wood where trees had to be harvested. Reclaimed wood comes from a variety of sources that are refinished into flooring.

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