The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dark Hardwood Flooring

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If you are looking to bring drama into your home, start with the flooring. Dark hardwood floors are perfect for sophisticated homes that have elegant home interiors. It is a good design practice to pair dark floors with light furnishings if you prefer a more modern look also. Dark floors also work well in rooms that have plenty of light colored interiors.

Take a look at a few advantages and disadvantages of dark hardwood flooring.


  • Walnut and medium dark woods hide dirt well.
  • Dark stains enhances a wood’s grain.
  • They absorb light and aren’t susceptible to fading.
  • Dark hardwood flooring provides the look of luxury.
  • Certain dark hardwoods like maple, do not take stains well.
  • Pet hair and dust will be more visible.
  • Scratches will show more on dark hardwood floors

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