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Do a Google search for “home flooring” and store after store will pop up. There’s no shortage of retailers who want to sell you carpet or hardwood or tile…but that’s all they do. They sell you the floor, sometimes – but not always – install it (usually as quickly as possible), and they’re done.

“Sounds good to me,” you may be thinking. “What else do they need to do?”

Oh so much.

Let’s start with choosing a floor. In many stores, you walk in, look around a lot, maybe do some research on Google, and make a decision. You think (hope…OK, actually worry a little, but go with it anyway) that you’ve chosen what’ll work in your home with your family. You’ve gotten little to no help in this search from the flooring company – it’s just not part of what they do. They sell floors. You’re on your own to figure out what floors.

Then let’s talk actual flooring. In the flooring world, you get what you pay for – the cheapest rarely equates to the best. But for big box stores needing to hit certain budgets at certain times, it’s all about moving inventory, and the flooring quality can vary widely. Ambassador Floor only partners with manufacturers offering the highest quality flooring, so no matter what you buy at Ambassador, you know the quality will be there.

That’s important – not only because you obviously don’t want to waste your money on cheap floors – but because flooring is a significant investment in your home. It’s where your toddler takes her first steps. It’s the background for endless hide-and-seek games with your kids on rainy days. It’s where your teen daughter takes her first wobbly steps on high heels for her first dance at school. It’s the palette of the canvas that is your home where you raise your family and make the memories that help define a family.

Ambassador Floor understands that. We respect the investment in your home by adding quality, experience, and expertise to create floors worthy of your home and family. For more than 30 years, we’ve helped individuals and families create a beautiful, lasting foundation for their everyday lives. And that’s what we mean when we say there’s oh so much more to flooring than just floors.

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